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Get all the details about getting a work permit visa for Indian working abroad and how it can benefit you. Adwings Immigration helps you with getting a valued job abroad and prepares you for the next phase of your life. Find out all the foreign work visas, requirements, visa fees, and opportunities overseas.

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Best Country for Work Permit Abroad:

Work Permit Abroad

  1. Canada
  2. UK
  3. Germany
  4. Australia
  5. USA
  6. Dubai
  7. Malaysia
  8. Hong Kong
  9. Ireland
  10. Japan
  11. Austria
  12. Belgium
  13. Switzerland
  14. Finland
  15. France
  16. Denmark
  17. Netherland
  18. Malta
  19. Sweden
  20. Singapore
  21. Portugal
  22. Malta

Move Abroad, Build a Career You Always Dreamed:

Want a jump in career? Or looking for jobs overseas? Or looking to make your jobs future-proof? 

Banging fists on the table won’t do anything. Instead consulting and securing an international job position will do. Yes, you can move abroad with a work permit visa for Indian validated by the government and with a work permit from the employer. Moving out, exploring the world, working with global leaders, and entering into the global conclave transform your lives upside down.

At Adwings Immigration Visa Consultancy, we offer ourselves to people like you who are looking for Big Things in life. We can help you create profiles, market them, find best country for work permit, secure a job, and get a work visa. 

Get step-by-step guidance on getting work permit for Indian citizens, moving abroad and creating a new life. 

It can be your chance now.

Benefits of Work Permit for Indian Citizens:

  • Offers you to be a part of global rapid economic growth.
  • Enjoy the improved work-life balance.
  • Offers multiple times higher income than current salary.
  • Global job markets offer millions of jobs in various industries.
  • Exposure to different cultures.
  • An opportunity to increase my professional network.
  • Global healthcare and social benefits.
  • World-class education policies and government amenities.
  • Better retirement policies.
  • A chance to get a powerful visa that facilitates international travel.
  • Offers a chance to get a PR Visa and settle in your dream country.

What is a Work Permit?

A work permit visa for Indians of different countries can offer you a completely new lifestyle, enhancing your quality of day-to-day life with exposure to the world. Moving abroad for work helps you to connect with global leaders.

Navigating a new job abroad means you will have opportunities to network and learn new technical skills, and languages. This alone helps you to excel in your career, reaching the maximum potential of your professional life.

General employee permit and working abroad also opens up fresh opportunities to collaborate with locals and make new friendships from different cultures.

More to it, an International work permit adds surreal value to your resume, making your career future-proof and promising flexibility, future international travels, and independence

Types of Work Permit Visas:

1.    Closed Work Visa:

The countries allow you a work visa but you’re restricted to the chosen employer only. You can’t change your jobs within the duration of your stay. This visa generally is offered to applicants who have an intention of residing in the country temporarily.

2.    Open Work Visa:

The open work visa allows the applicants to work under any employer while they stay in the country. This is suitable for applicants who are planning to move to countries permanently. 

3.    Temporary Work Visa:

A temporary work permit for Indian citizens and work visa allow you to stay in the country for 2-4 years only. 

4.    Permanent Work Visa:

A permanent visa offers a job in a country with a minimum of 5 years of tenure. A PR visa for the chosen country comes along with this permanent work visa. 


All the above given different types of work visas are given to specific conditions catering to personalised needs. 

Confused among them? 

Contact Adwing Immigration consultants to choose the right one for you.

Work Permit Visa for Indians Requirements:

  • A valid confirmed job offer in hand.
  • Must have relevant qualifications for the job applied.
  • The right documented application with valid passport-size photos and required documents.
  • A language proficiency test results.
  • Health and assessment results.
  • Visa application fee specific to a country.

Searching for a Job Abroad? Follow the Adwings Path:

Step- 01:

Build Your Career Strategy


Creating Suitable Online Profiles


Create a Professional Resume.


Market Your Profile and Resume.

Jobs Available in Abroad:


Number of Jobs


8.8 Million


1.1 Million


8 Lakh


13 Million


2 Million

Visa Fee for Different Countries Work Visa:


Work Visa Fees


460 USD


155 CAD


610-1408 GBP


EUR 56-100


2645-5755 AUD

Work Visa Countries Processing Time:


Work Permit Processing Time


1-27 weeks


4 weeks- 3 Months


3-5 Months


1-3 Months


2-4 Months

Note- Please contact your visa consultant if you’re not getting your visa within time.

How Does Adwings Immigration Help You?

Adwings Immigration is a prominent player and among the best visa consultancies in Noida, opening the portals of starting a new life in different countries. We help them to know all about the country they choose including getting a work permit visa for Indians, level plans, employment visa India requirements, guidance, finances, job seeking, and post-landing services.

Want to move in? Getting a work visa can be your call to transform your lifestyle.

We make each visa processing step easier for you.

  • Selecting countries
  • Creating resumes & profiles.
  • Search for a suitable job profile
  • Document arrangement for visa
  • Financial support
  • Post-landing services


See More of Our Offerings-

  • Expert guide on Visa services.
  • Personalised counselling.
  • IELTS, PTE, and GMAT strategic strategies.
  • Financial support for your move.
  • A step-by-step guide to secure nomination.


A work visa allows you to move to a country for a temporary period. You must meet all the requirements, documents, and certainly, a sponsoring employer in the specific country.

A work permit is a document a company releases for the authorisation of a person to move to their country for jobs. 

A work visa is issued by the immigration department of the country. Only the immigration department of the country has the right to allow a person to enter their country.

Different countries have different costs set for work visas. Here are some of the most sought-after country’s costing lists. 

US- 460 USD

Canada- 155 CAD

UK- 600-1400 GBP

Germany- 56-100 EUR

Australia- 2500-6000 AUD

  • A valid confirmed job offer from the country. 
  • Relevant qualifications for the job. 
  • The right required documents. 
  • Language proficiency test reports. 
  • Health and assessment reports 
  • Specific visa fees.

Several countries offer PR status to skilled professionals through their immigration programs. This grants them a local residence status and notably this doesn’t require employer ownership. 

A work permit is a document released by an employer authorising a professional to enter the country for a limited time and on a contract basis. 

Usually, a PR application gets you better results.

A work visa from India for Portugal would cost you an approximate of 90€.

Malta offers a strong economy with higher foreign investment, low cost of living, opportunities for professionals, and breathtaking natural scenarios. 

Yes, Malta would be a good choice for anyone to move. 

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Himani Gailakoti
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Keshav Sharma
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ujjwala nagar
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paras kumar
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sonu garg
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Varun Khatter
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