Invest Overseas, Build A New Home for Your Family Abroad

An Investor visa offers a powerful and fast method of settling in developed overseas countries. Invest a sound amount in the country’s economy and be a part of world-class education, healthcare, and socio-economic development.

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Best Country for Investment Overseas:

  1. Canada
  2. Australia 
  3. Denmark
  4. UK
  5. Estonia
  6. Malta
  7. Ireland

Evaluate Your Profile for Investment Overseas:

Each country you choose has it’s requirements and eligibility criteria for an investment visa and PR. Evaluate your profile and make an informed decision. 

  1. Score Card
  2. Country Profile
  3. Occupation Profile
  4. Documentation 
  5. Cost & Time Evaluation

Invest Overseas, Gift Your Family A Complete New Life:

Are you looking for a better lifestyle with improved socio-economic dynamics? Make this desire a reality with Investor Visa programs from all over the world. 

Investing in a foreign country’s economy offers PR status to you and your family, followed by citizenship. 

You and your business get a better environment with opportunities to meet global business tycoons and new markets to offer your services/products. This creates jobs in that country, strengthening their socio-economic dynamics. 

In return, the Governments offer you PR, citizenship, government beneficiary schemes, world-class education & health facilities, and international recognition.

Investment Overseas Process:

  1. Drop a query on our online portal. 
  2. Get expert counselling personalised to your needs. 
  3. Register yourself with Adwings Immigration. 
  4. Pay the complete fees. 
  5. Arrange all your documents needed. 
  6. Process time.

What Is an Investment Visa?

An investor visa is allowed to you when you invest in a country’s economy and make it stronger. Your entrepreneurship journey makes a mark on the nation’s development and in return you get PR status immediately followed by citizenship of that country. 

Investment Visa is only for business-specific people, especially entrepreneurs and professional investors. Your banking history and transactions are also observed while applying for investor visa. 

The top reasons why an Investor Visa is the best way if you have the funds is the high likelihood of getting citizenship and the quality of life it presents to you. 

It also presents better business dynamics and policies with opportunities to meet global businessmen and investors, to craft your entrepreneurial journey more significantly. 

Permanent residency programs for investors and entrepreneurs offer socio-economic benefits to individuals and their businesses as well.

Benefits of Investment Visa:

The Investment Visa brings PR status to applicants and offers individual and business benefits from the country they have applied for. 

  • Offers high stands of living. 
  • Access to world-class healthcare and education systems for families. 
  • It allows you to bring your dependents with you. 
  • Access to international business and investment opportunities.
  • Country-specific investment policies favour your needs.
  • An easy, fast, and powerful way of becoming citizens.

Why Invest in Foreign Countries?

  • Exposure to developed marketers. 
  • Benefits of diversification in investment. 
  • Get PR status immediately. 
  • Enjoy government policies and schemes. 
  • Claim your citizenship after a few years. 
  • Opportunities to invest in global companies, even those not available in India. 
  • The amount invested doesn’t fall into the capital remittance issued by RBI.
  • Allow families to come with the applicant. 
  • Offer all global level education & health care facilities to your family.

Investment and Citizenship:


Investment Amount

Common Benefits 


CAD 350,000

PR Status followed by Citizenship


AUD 1.25 Million

PR Status followed by Australian Citizenship

The UK

GBP 2 Million

  • Investor Visa
  • Allowance to spend a specific time in the UK
  • After getting ILR for 1 year, apply for the UK citizenship. 


€1 million

  • Allow Ireland PR status followed by citizenship after 5 years. 
  • Allows you to migrate with family. 



  • Estonia citizenship. 
  • No dual citizenship allowed. 



  • 2 years residence permit. 
  • Citizenship after 9 years. 

Requirement for Investment Visa:

  • Funds must be available to invest overseas. 
  • A business profile. 
  • Proficiency in English or local language as preferred. 
  • Business credentials and banking history documents. 
  • Health and conduct evaluation of the applicant. 


Each country has its own different criteria and requirements. Above are the most widely accepted terms. However, consult experts before applying to any specific country.

Process Time of Investment Visa:

A general complimentary time is about 1–3 years for all kinds of investors and entrepreneurs. This term may differ for specific countries due to their policies & preferences for investment offered. 

Investment process is an extremely technical method to get PR status in any country with your family. Make sure to get all the details before applying. There might be some benefits or extra requirements as per policies. 


Don’t know what to do? 

Make a free consultation call with us.

Why Choose Adwings Immigration?

  1. 5+ years of international visa exclusive experience. 
  2. Record 10000+ success applications throughout the world. 
  3. 10K+ new personalised consultation calls each year. 
  4. Post-Landing & Accommodation services.
  5. Complete online procedure with transparency.

How Adwings Immigration Can Help You?

Adwings Immigration is one of the top Immigration consultation platforms for the last 5 years. In such a short span of time, we have successfully established 10000+ applicants in the world’s most developed and welcoming countries. Personalization is the key why our clients shower love on us. 

An investor’s visa is only for people who are from a business background or hold a professional investor portfolio. It opens up opportunities for a blissful business dynamic, a global market, opportunities to meet global entrepreneurs & leaders, and foreign government schemes for families. 

Nevertheless, the investment brings PR status followed by citizenship to each applicant and their family. 

Note – Some countries may not offer dual citizenship. Please get confirmation before applying.

Go Global with Investment!

What Do We Offer You?

  • Personal guidance for investor visa. 
  • Document checklist for legal immigration. 
  • Processing and management of application. 
  • Embassy updates and follow-up. 
  • Relocation and post-landing services if needed.
  • Flight booking if needed.


The money required heavily depends on which country you’re applying to. 

For example- 

Canada – CAD 350,000

Aus- 1.25 Million

The UK- GBP 2 Million

Ireland- € 1 Million

Estonia- € 1,000,000

Denmark- €100,000

No. The US E2 Visa is exclusively for countries who have an economic treaty with the United States. India doesn’t have one, so Indians can’t apply to it.

Put a query to advance immigration online. We will contact you as soon as possible and make a consultation call to understand all your requirements. Then you need to register yourself and arrange all the documents and the required payment. Our team will then progress with your application to the embassy followed by follow-ups and final processing.

Here are some common documents needed for an investor visa. However, make a double check on the specific requirements of a country. 

  • Proof of funds. 
  • English proficiency test.
  • A business profile. 
  • Business credentials and banking history document.
  • Health and evaluation of the applicant.
  • Opportunities for tapping new markets. 
  • Tax cuts to make unique offers to such markets. 
  • Better business environment and government policies. 
  • Better brand visibility 
  • Global recognition for the company.
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