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Make your life Nomadic in the digital age. Now you can work from anywhere anytime and enjoy your adventurous lifestyle with a NOMAD Visa. Enjoy the flexibility and get benefits from world governments, as they are saying YES to it.

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Countries Allowing NOMAD Visa:

  1. Canada
  2. Peru
  3. Italy
  4. Uruguay
  5. Latvia
  6. Cayman Islands
  7. Malaysia
  8. Malta
  9. Bahamas
  10. Colombia

Go Nomad, Live Life, Work Remotely:

The newly derived equations of work have transformed everything. People are looking for remote jobs where they no longer want to be in the office all weekdays but work from home. The change effectively came when Covid-19 hit the world.

Now, being a Digital Nomad is a trend and giving people the flexibility they need. Governments are now issuing Digital Nomad Visas for people who love being freelancers or have remote jobs.

The visa allows you to work remotely in a country for a longer period without any further disturbance.

Being a Digital Nomad, Work Remotely, Enjoy Your Life.

NOMAD Visa Overseas Process:

  1. Book a free consultation call with us. 
  2. Talk with our experts and get your personalised counselling. 
  3. Register your profile with Adwings Immigration. 
  4. Make the full payment. 
  5. Arrange all your documents as guided. 
  6. Wait till we will process your application and receive the Visa.

What Is a Nomad Visa?

A Nomad visa allows you to live in a country for a longer time, and work remotely without any disturbance or limit while you stay. A Nomad visa is open for all but not all countries allow it.

The concept is still becoming a mainstream idea and thus, you have a limited number of countries to go with such assistance.

A Digital nomad is a person with skills who has the flexibility to work remotely from any location. Nomad Visa applications fall in the category of visitor visa and allow you to stay for 6 months to 1 year.

Nomad Visa is for you if-

–     You want to work remotely from a different country.

–         Want to live in the country for a longer time? 

–         Search for jobs in the country.

–         Attend interviews or business meetups or events in the country.

Benefits of Nomad Visa:

The Nomad visa falls under the category of a visitor visa with a special allowance. You can search for jobs, work remotely, travel, and attend meetings or interviews in person.

–     No Age limit

–     No English proficiency test required.

–     Easy and quick processing of applications.

–     Opportunity for in-person meetings and interviews while residing in a foreign country.

–     Enhances your chances of getting a high-paying job.

–     Opportunity to reside & travel in the country without any limitation.

–     Easily convertible to Work Permit and PR status when applied.

–     International business exposure opportunity.

–     A chance to explore the world’s socio-economic dynamic.

Eligibility of Nomad Visa:

–     Proof that you’re working outside the country currently.

–     Your job must be done remotely.

–     Proof of Funds up to 6 months.

–     Proof of accommodation arrangements.

Requirement for Nomad Visa:

          Health Insurance

          Proof of Funds with 6 month’s bank history.

          National Visa application form.

          Photographs (Passport Size)

          Valid Passport.

          Proof of residence in the origin country.

          Complete visa payment fees

          Payslip from the current company.

          Work experience letter.


Each country can have specific requirements listed on its Nomad Visa policy. Consult experts before applying.

Nomad Visa Fees:


Nomad Visa Fees


Visa Application Fees- 100 CAD

Biometric Fees- 85 CAD




Application Fees- $116




For Main Applicant- $225

For Dependents- $112


Application Fees- $52

Insurance Fees- $170-230


Visa Application Fees- $25

Entry Fees for Main Applicant- $1000

For Dependents- $500 Each.

Process Time of Nomad Visa:

The general processing time for getting a Nomad Visa is about 3 weeks to 1 month. The time varies due to the policies & preferences.

Notably, the validity allowance of a Nomad Visa can last from 6 months to 2 years. Again, check the policies before applying.

Don’t know what to do?

Make a free consultation call with us.

Why Choose Adwings Immigration?

  1. Exclusive experience of 5+ years of international visa applications.
  2. Exclusive 10000+ successful applications till now. 
  3. Over 10K+ personalised counselling calls each year. 
  4. If asked, post-landing & accommodation services. 
  5. Online processing with complete transparency.

How Adwings Immigration Can Help You?

We’re one of the top voices in the immigration industry and making Indians eligible to make their trip to foreign countries. In the last 5 years, we have successfully completed over 10000+ applications.

A Nomad Visa is for individuals who are into remote jobs, are looking for job opportunities in foreign countries, travel, stay in foreign land, and attend in-person interviews & business meetings.

Nevertheless, the Nomad Visa also makes getting PR status easier. In some countries, you must apply for a Work Permit before securing a job under a local employer.


Work on Your Conditions, Travel the World, and Enjoy Life Fullest.


What Do We Offer You? 

  • Personal guidance for an investor visa. Personalised support throughout the process and after. 
  • Document checklist for legal immigration. An all-in checklist for legal immigration. 
  • Processing and management of Nomad visa applications. 
  • Follow up, updates, and news, from the Embassy. 
  • Flight booking services to individuals if needed. 
  • Relocation, and post-landing services for ease when asked.


Yes, some countries like Canada allow you to bring your family with a Nomad Visa. However, it will cost you some extra Dollars as well.

The eligibility criteria may differ from one country to another based on their visa policies and international socio-economic relations. However, a widely accepted list is given below. 

– Proof that you’re working outside the country currently. 

– Your job must be done remotely. 

– Proof of Funds up to 6 months. 

– Proof of accommodation arrangements.

Yes, with a Nomad Visa and you already residing in a country, getting PR status is easier.

A lump sum of 80-90 countries offer Nomad Visas. Japan has recently started its Nomad Visa as well.

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Himani Gailakoti
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