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USA- Modern Center of Advanced Studies:

The United States of America is the modern cornerstone of the world’s best discovery and businesses. The country’s education system is the best in the world and offers students to polish their skills to the best. Diverse in subjects, any student can find the best courses (full program or vocational courses) that fulfil their best-suited interest. 

With an economy which requires new talent each day, the US is a flourished ground for all the world. Come and join the path of innovation and excellent management.

Why Choose to study in USA for Indian students?

The USA is one of the most advanced countries in the world, giving the best of startups, business ideas, and technological innovation. The USA education system provides you with comprehensive coursework that prepares you for both practical & theoretical implementation of the knowledge. 

– The USA offers affordable education courses for international students. 

– Education courses offer diversity & flexibility. 

– The infrastructure here offers a world-class support system for foreign students. 

– Get a safe & healthy environment for studies. 

– Access to diverse segments of internships & training. 

– Exciting & creative campus lifestyle for students.

Benefits of Study in USA for Indian Students:

– The USA offers a wide range of diverse study programs. 

– You get a chance to get involved in innovative research & technology. 

– Exposure to cultural diversity & exposure from all around the world. 

– Career growth scope is highest in the USA. 

– Offer English language proficiency as a native language. 

– Get a chance to study in the top QS ranking Universities. 

– Receive degrees which have global recognition.

USA Student Visa Types:

For all international students who want to study in the USA, the government issues three kinds of Visas. These Visas are only for graduate, post-graduate, or master’s degree students. These are also applicable if you’re into USA vocational courses as well. 

1.    The F-Visa:  These F-Visas are for students who are pursuing academic studies in the USA. 

F-1 Visa: For students who are in full-time degree programs. 

F-2 Visa: For people who are dependent on the F-1 Visa holders. 

F-3 Visa: For Mexican & Canadian students pursuing their programs in the USA but residing in their respective country only. 

2.    The M-Visa:  These M-Visas are for students who are not into academic sessions but into vocational training in the USA. 

M-1 Visa: For students who are in vocational training. 

M-2 Visa: For people who are dependent on the M-1 Student visa holders. 

M-3 Visa: For border commuters who want to get into vocational training. 

3.    The J-Visa:  The J-Visa is special as it is issued for visitors who are into some cultural exchange programs in the USA. They are of two types. 

J-1 Visa: For students who are in the exchange programs on a relevant program. 

J-2 Visa: For people who are dependent on J-1 Visa holders

Best Universities for Indian Students In USA:

The USA excels in all segments of the modern education system. The QS ranking 2024 has chosen the #1 university from the USA. Whether you are looking for a full-degree program or vocational course, the USA is one right swipe for you.

1. Massachusetts Institutes of Technology

QS Rank- 1
Score- 100
Location- Cambridge, USA

2. Harvard University

QS Rank- 4
Score- 98.3
Location- Cambridge, USA

3. Stanford University

QS Rank- 5
Score- 98.1
Location- Stanford, USA


4. University of California

QS Rank- 10
Score- 90.4
Location- Berkeley, USA

5. University of Chicago

QS Rank- 11
Score- 90.3
Location- Chicago, USA

6. University of Pennsylvania

QS rank- 12
Score- 89.4
Location- Philadelphia, USA

7. Cornell University

QS Rank- 13
Score- 89.3
Location- Ithaca, USA

8. California Institute of Technology

QS Rank- 15
Score- 87.8
Location- Pasadena, USA

9. Yale University

QS Rank- 16
Score- 87.7
Location- New Haven, USA

10. Princeton university

QS Rank- 17
Score- 87
Location- Princeton, USA

Best Courses to Study in USA for Indian Students After Graduation/12th:

  1. Business & Management
  2. Engineering
  3. Mathematics
  4. Computer Science and Information Technology
  5. Communication & Mass Studies 
  6. Medicine
  7. Physics
  8. Data Science & Business Analytics
  9. Social Science
  10. Finance
  11. Physical & Life Science

Program Timeline:

Course Duration: 4 years

Intake Duration: Sep (Major), Jan (Minor), May (Minor)

Study in USA for Indian Students after 12th Cost: (Annual)

$20,000-$35,000 in Public Universities

$35,000-$60,000 in Private Universities

Course Duration: 2 Years

Intake Duration: Sep (Major), Jan (Minor), May (Minor)

Cost of Studying in USA for Indian Students: (Annual)

$10,000-$35,000 in Public Universities

$22,000-$55,000 in Private Universities

Admission Requirement to Study in USA for Indian Students:

Any student who wants to move to the USA to continue higher studies, he/she must fulfil these requirements. Get all the documents for your immigration with Adwings. 

  1. DS-160 confirmation page
  2. Educational transcript
  3. Form I-20
  4. Application fee payment for SEVIS
  5. Language proficiency certification with IELTS/TOEFL
  6. Non-immigrant application. 
  7. Proof of sufficient financial funds. 

Student Visa Requirement to Study in USA:

Study Programs

Minimal Educational Requirement

Minimal Required Percentage

Language Proficiency Test Results

Backlogs Information

Standard Tests Results

Bachelors/ Graduation



Overall 6;

5.5 in each

Up to 10.

Minimum SAT Score= 1350/1600


4-Year Graduation Degree Required (Very few NAAC accredited universities accept 3-year bachelor degree student)


Overall 6.5; 6.0 in each.

Up to 10.

GRE= 310 or MAT=520;

May Ask for 2-4 years of Work Experience

USA Student Visa Cost & Time:

A student must apply for the F-1 Visa if he/she wants to get into a full-time study program. It is also essential if you want to migrate to the USA. The J-1 Visas are needed for exchange study programs. An F-1 visa cost is different for different countries which depends on the international rules. The price can range from $185-$800. Make sure you apply for the Visa 4 months before moving to the USA. 

The estimated processing time for a US student Visa is 3-6 weeks. However, it may take up to 4 months if there is some misinformation in the form.

Scholarship to Study in USA for Indian Students after 12th:

The US government warmly welcomes you with courses for graduation or post graduation in USA for Indian students to study. The academic is a serious concern for the American government. Hence, they promote the international exchange of studies and culture. A truly remarkable effort in this direction is issuing several scholarships for international students. Some of them are fully funded. 

  1. Brokerfish International Student Scholarship
  2. The University of Chicago Scholarship
  3. Knight-Hennessy Scholars at Stanford University
  4. Next Genius Scholarship
  5. AAUW International Fellowships
  6. Microsoft Scholarships
  7. Fulbright Foreign Student Programs in the USA
  8. Berea College Scholarships
  9. Hubert Humphrey Fellowships

Cost Living in USA:

The average cost of living to study in USA for Indian students considers several factors affecting it. It is truly way higher than India but you have other means to fulfil it. Part-time jobs are a good way to compensate for it. Here is a list of how your monthly cash flow chart will look like in the USA.

Monthly Expenses List

Avg. Cost

Rent for single bedroom










Internet & Phone


Dining Out




USA Job Opportunities:

The USA is the home to advanced technology & global startups. But that’s not all. The USA offers its students to have the best of their careers in terms of growth & finances. Several high-ticket career options are waiting for you after completion of your bachelor’s/master’s.  

Jobs Category


Average Salary

Health Care Workers

Nurse, Doctors, and Technicians


CEOS of Company

Leading company’s profitability


Nurse Practitioners

Patient care and taking tests.



Pilots, Co-pilots, and Flight Engineers



Overseeing technical activities in architecture


IT Sector

IT developers, technicians, and manager


Business & Finance Manager

Financial Planning & investment management


Software Development

Design & develop new software


Data Scientist

Data Analyst in big firms


Social Media Planner

Growing social media with marketing strategies


Finding Part-Time Jobs in the USA:

The US government has allowed students to work part-time to manage their costs in the country. A student is allowed only for 20 hours/week to work part-time. After the completion of your program or during vacations, students can work full-time. 

– The salary is based on a per-hour system and the minimum wage ranges from $7.25-$15.00. 

– You can get part-time jobs on your campus. Being a teaching assistant, library assistant or tutor will make good money for you. There are other services as well such as Receptionists, Catering, and Campus Ambassadors etc.

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in the USA:

  1. Check your university’s job board. They often list part-time on-campus or off-campus job opportunities. 
  2. Check part-time job opportunities on online platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Monster, etc. 
  3. Create a network with professors, students, and other professionals for referrals. 
  4. Don’t miss career fairs at your university. 
  5. Take consultation at the international student office in your university.

Step-by-Step Guide for Student Visa:

  1.     Discovery/Counselling Call:  Our discovery team calls all the applicants who have registered themselves or raised a query about the USA studies. We will gather some basic details about you & your academics to get a better view of your present conditions. 
  1.   Adwings IELTS:  Prepare for all your English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, GMAT, GRE, SAT, and ACT. Take Adwings training to nurture your command of the subject. 
  1.   Enrol for Student Visa:  Enrol for getting the student Visa through Adwings. The team will do some basic counselling to get the intent of the applicant, build rapport, and fulfil the profile requirements. 
  1.   Apply for Scholarships:  Get expert counselling for securing scholarships. It can be both, from the USA universities and Adwings finances worth 5 Cr. Adwings scholarships follow the meritocracy and first come-first serve policy. 
  1.   Get the Letter:  The expected duration for getting an admission letter is 2-4 weeks only. The received offer letter may or may not be conditional. 
  1.   Loan Request Process:  Most Indian students will need a loan for their USA studies. Adwings team is always ready to help you out for the same means. You must submit your request to the financial department. Non-collateral loans will be issued up to 10L-50L and collateral loans will be 50L-1Cr. 
  1.   Confirmation Letter for Loan:  Receive the confirmation of the sanctioned Loan process. Confirm your university seat in the USA. After getting the initiated loan amount, the Visa team is your next destination. 
  1.   Final Registration for Visa:  Recheck all your documents. Make sure you have put no misinformation and that you are eligible for the Visa. Get final assistance for the accommodation services from the Adwings team. 
  1.   Flight Booking:  Book your flight if you want to choose the seats by yourself or want to go with special requirements. Otherwise, we will do that too for you. 


You should apply for a student Visa 4-5 months before moving to the USA. Note that the visa issue date must not be more than 365 days.

The first-year funds must be in liquid assets. You also need Income Tax returns and an affidavit of support from sponsors. For other years, you can show solid assets like Mutual Funds as well.

Take an affidavit of support and you can do so.

– Entry into the USA for a full-time study program for 2-4 years. 

– Allowance to change the subject or school. 

– Get part-time jobs on-campus or off-campus. 

– Freedom of travel in the USA and other countries. 

– Offers to bring your spouse or kids to the United States on an F-2 Visa.

– An F-1 Visa holder can stay up to 12 months after the completion of their course.  

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