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Don’t miss the chance to have a lifetime of academic experience in Ireland. Get expert consultancy from Adwings Immigration for student visa process, requirements, and the best colleges to study in Ireland for Indian students. Book a free consultation now.

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Ireland- Beautiful Landscape, Diverse Culture, and Advanced Studies:

Ireland is the land of beautiful outskirts and lovely landscapes. The stunning green countryside amazes you to the heart, where the coastline soothes your eyes. But Ireland is not just beautiful nature pieces. 

The country’s rich cultural roots, which highlight traditions along with literature, empowers studies as the key to winning life. A world-class educational system offers an immersive experience for each student with its modern study programs.  

The universities of Ireland offer a diverse range of study programs based on research and practical uses. Strong emphasis on the career point of view makes the study programs valuable.

Technological advancement, friendly people with a warm, welcoming attitude, a modern academic environment, job opportunities, and global recognition of Ireland for its safety make it the #1 choice for your higher studies.  

Benefits of Study in Ireland for Indian Students:

Get direct admission to Ireland’s top universities and create a promising career out of your vocational or full-time studies. Enjoy the given benefits below of studying in IRELAND.

  • 8 colleges in Ireland have secured positions in the QS ranking.
  •  It allows a 2-year post-study work visa.
  •  90%+ success rate of Ireland Student Visa.
  • Affordable studies for bachelors & masters.
  • Scholarships are worth EUR 2000 – EUR 4000 annually. 
  • The curriculum is focused on innovation & practical methods of work. 
  • Ireland is known as the safest place to study. 
  • A wide array of courses & universities are available for study. 
  • The ecosystem supports individual professional growth as per preferences.
  • Global business hub and a highly responsible democratic country. 

Ireland Student Visa Types:

The Irelandic government issues only student visa types as follows. 

  1. C-type Visa: for short stays.  The C-type visa covers students who have registered for a course of less than 3 months. 
  2. D-type Visa: for longer stays. 

The D-type visa covers students whose courses are of or more than 3 months.   

Note – Only D-type visa students are allowed to work part-time during their studies.

Looking for a course to study in Ireland? Adwings Immigration can help you land on your dream courses at top Icelandic universities. Book a free consultation call with our team and benefit with advanced career guidance and exposure to Ireland’s education system. Entertain with services like IELTS training program, loan process, documents, and accommodation arrangements. 

Your Academic Dream is Our Dream as Well.  

Best Universities for indian students in Ireland:

1. Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

QS Ranking- 81
Score- 63.5
Location- Dublin

2. University College Dublin

QS Ranking- 171
Score- 48.8
Location- Dublin

3. University of Galway

QS Ranking- 289
Score- 36
Location- Galway

4. University College Cork

QS Ranking- 292
Score- 35.7
Location- Cork

5. Dublin City University

QS Ranking- 436
Score- 26
Location- Dublin

6. University of Limerick

QS Ranking- 426
Score- 26.6
Location- Limerick

7. Maynooth University

QS Ranking- 801-850
Score- N/A
Location- Maynooth

8. Technological University Dublin

QS Ranking- 851-900
Score- N/A
Location- Dublin

Best Courses to Study in Ireland for Indian students after graduation/12th:

  • Data science
  • Cyber security
  • Data analytics
  • Big data
  • Cloud computing
  • Business Analytics
  • Computer science
  • Software engineering
  • Digital Marketing
  • Banking 
  • Finance.
  • Law
  • MBA
  • Journalism
  • Hospitality 
  • Health care

Program Timeline:

Course Duration: 3-4 Years. 

Intake Months- Sep- Major; Feb-Minor.

Deadline to Apply: 6-8 months prior to the intake of course. 

Study in Ireland for Indian students after 12th cost– €9000

 Course Duration: 2 years.

Intake Months- Sep- Major; Feb-Minor.

Deadline to Apply: 6-8 months prior to the intake of course. 

Cost of studying in Ireland for Indian students– €9000+

Academic Requirement to Study in Ireland:

Study Programs 

Educational Requirements 

Minimal Percentages 

English Proficiency Test Results

Backlogs Allowed (Maxm)

Other Tests. 




Overall- 6.5

Each Band- 6.0


Not Required 


Graduation of 3 or 4 years. 


Overall- 6.5

Each Band-6.0


Not Required 

Student Visa Requirement to Study in Ireland for Indian Students:

Prepare all the below-listed documents for applying for a student visa to study in Ireland. 

  • IELTS or equal English language proficiency tests result.
  • All academic transcripts for the university process. 
  • Medical insurance for each student is necessary. 
  • Evidence of financial funds for critical support while residing in Ireland. 
  • Complete contact details of the applicants. 
  • Passport or valid travel document. 
  • Letter Of Acceptance from the institution. 
  • Summary Sheet and proofs for your return home – For C-type Visa holders only. 
  • Evidence of academic support for your chosen study program
  • Your statement of leaving Ireland once completing your studies. 
  • Proof of fee payment. 
  • Passport-size photographs ×2 

Ireland Student Visa Cost & Time:

An average Ireland student visa will cost you €80. If there is multi-entry with your Visa, the cost will rise up to €150. Transit cost will be €40, but it is limited to only D-visa holders. 

Apply for the student visa 8–10 weeks prior to your course intake. In case of any mistakes in the document details, the process may take longer.

Scholarship to Study in Ireland for Indian students after 12th:

Adwings Immigration gives delegate support to students with a loan amount up to 5 Cr for continuing their studies in Ireland. The loan process is designed to follow a metric and first-come-first-serve system. 

You can also apply for the Ireland-issued scholarships for bachelors/post graduation in Ireland for Indian students. Notably, you can use both of these scholarships as your financier for your studies.  

Here is a list of scholarships you can apply for. 

  1. Centenary Scholarship Program- £4000
  2. Central Bank of Ireland Undergraduate Scholarships for International Students- £29,500
  3. NUI Galway International Students Scholarships-€10,000
  4. India Undergraduate Scholarships- Trinity College Dublin- €36,000
  5. Dublin Institute of Technology (TU Dublin)- €2,000 – €5,000

Cost of Living in Ireland for Indian Students:

Expense Category

Cost (EUR)











Health Insurance




Ireland Job Opportunities:

  1. Software Engineers. 
  2. Accountants
  3. Medical Professionals.
  4. Finance & Business Managers. 
  5. Hospitality 
  6. Legal consultants. 
  7. Digital Marketers. 
  8. Human Resource Manager 
  9. Content Managers and Website Developers. 
  10. Education Professionals.

Finding Part-Time Jobs in Ireland:

The Irelandic government has allowed D-type visa students to work part-time while studying their due courses. 

  1. Non-EEA Bachelors students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week during the semester and 40 hours per week during the holidays. 
  2. Non-EU/EEA Masters students are allowed only 20 hours in both situations as guided by the government.  

Documents Needed: 

  • Valid Passport. 
  • Address proof document
  • PPC number. 
  • Prepare a CV. 
  • Reference documents
  • Work permits (if applicable) 

Do This to Find Part-Time Jobs:  

  • On-campus are available for students. 
  • Get into the career fairs of Ireland. 
  • Utilise social media platforms to build networks. 
  • Get into local stores and ask with a humble, direct approach.
  • Get into jobs platforms like job.e 
  • Start freelancing with companies and offer your services. 

Ireland Post-Study Work Permits: 

Non-EU/EEA students are allowed to post-work after the completion of their studies in Ireland. They can be in Ireland for up to 24 months to seek employment and work. Once they get employment, the student can apply for a Work Permit/ Green Card.

How Does Adwings Immigration Can Help?

Get A2Z solution of getting a student visa to Ireland under one roof. We help students to move to foreign lands and complete their studies at the best universities around the globe. We understand the complexity of the visa process and make sure you don’t have to be involved in the complex deals. Instead, we will focus on your overall growth by moving to a new place. 

Get a detailed process of getting your student visa from Adwings Immigrations. 

What We Offer:      

  • Guide for a promising career complimenting your skills & preferences. 
  • IELTS training programs for strengthening English proficiency & getting good results. 
  • Finance support with a scholarship up to 5 CR.
  • Document arrangement and support for legal permission.

Step-by-step Guide for Student Visa?

  1. Discovery/Counselling Call: Get a discovery call from our team as soon as you register your query at Adwings Portals.  
  1. Adwings IELTS: Get strategic English proficiency training programs for IELTS or equal study programs like PTE, GMAT, and ACT.  
  1. Enrol for Student Visa: Enrol in the Adwings portals with your details to start your Visa registration process.  
  1. Apply for Scholarships: Get delegate financial support from INR 5 CR for your Irwland studies.
  1. 5. Get the Letter: Receive your letter of admission within 2–4 weeks of application. These letters may include a condition.  
  1. Loan Request Process: Apply for the loan in the Adwings finance department. Loans of more than 50 L will be collateral in nature.  
  1. Confirmation Letter for Loan: Receive your sanctioned loan amount and book your university seat. Now all you need to do is to check on the Adwings visa team.  
  1. Final Registration for Visa: Do a final recheck for the documents needed. Get expert help from the Adwings team. We also offer accomodation services. If you ever need us, we are there for you.  
  1. Flight Booking:  You are free to book a flight to Ireland. If you ask us, we can do that for you too. See you in Ireland soon. 


Yes, you can. If you’re a Non-EEA graduate student, you are allowed to work 20 hours/week during semesters and 40 hours/week during the holidays. Non-EU/EEA post-graduation students are allowed only for 20 hours/week.

Ireland is emerging as one of the top countries for Indians. The affordable tuition cost in a cooperative environment supports international students with a promising educational system and post-study work permit.

Yes, it is. Most of the colleges demand a 6.5 score in the IELTS band.

  • Undergraduate: €9000-€45000
  • Post-graduate: €9500-€37000
  • Doctoral: €9000-€30000

There are two types of student visa allowed for students. C-type visa for short study course students and D-type visa for long study course students.

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