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Get Easy, In-Budget, and Rich Accommodations for Your International Visit.

Going for an international trip or moving out internationally for studies or work? The right comfy accommodation will help you relax & enjoy the foreign land. Book one for yourself, and enjoy your visit like a home.

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Overseas Accommodation- A Primary Need for All Visitors

Choosing your accommodation overseas is important for all reasons. Whether you’re a traveller, a professional, or a student, understanding your priorities and choosing the right place for your stay makes your visit more prominent, meaningful, and effective. 

Most importantly, you must stay safe in a new land far away from your home. 

We can help you find just the right residence for your visit. All you need to do is share your details, needs, and expectations. 

We will find the accommodation, confirm it, and book for your next trip.

Types of Accommodation for Your Stay:

  1. Homestay: 

Ideal For: 

Student| Traveller| Digital Nomad| Working Professional


– Makes your everyday life easier. 

– You stay with a local family. 

– Single or shared room available with a fellow student. 

– Allows exploration of local lifestyle, food, and people. 


  1. Apartments: 

Ideal For: 

Student| Traveller| Digital Nomad| Working Professional


– Offers more independence, freedom & flexibility

– Sharing and single-apartment options are available. 

– Comes in mid-budget range. 


  1. Hotels: 

Ideal For: 

Traveller| Overnight Stay


– Good for immediate stays. 

– Premium services are available. However, they may vary from hotel to hotel. 

– Open to change in rules in different seasons. 

– More premium options to stay. 


  1. Campus Accommodation: 

Ideal For: 



– Universities manage them so you save a lot of time. 

– More open & variety of friend circle from all over the world. 

– Offers to be more involved in university activities. 

– No need to worry about electricity, water, food, and other maintenance. 

  1. Student Hostels: 

Ideal For: 



– Specially designed for the student’s community. 

– Allows you to connect with foreign students. 

– No need to worry about amenities. 

– Always buzzing with energy. 

– More diversified career opportunities by connecting with students from a different career. 


  1. Travel Hostels: 

Ideal For: 



– Easy, affordable, and energetic. 

– Filled with like-minded people all around the world. 

– Good for a shorter stay in the country. 

– Offer shared rooms with little privacy. That depends on you. 


  1. Private Accommodation: 

Ideal For: 

Working Professionals | Digital Nomads


– Private properties on rent. 

– Will offer more privacy, independence, and freedom. 

– May offer big luxurious rooms if you need them. 

– Ideal if you’re a working professional and don’t want interference in your work. 

– You’re all free to set your daily lifestyle without any disruption.

Find Your Right Accommodation- Follow These Simple Steps:

– Register yourself with Adwings Immigration. 

– Share your expectations, budget, and means of visiting the country for better selection. 

– Share the details of your visit & preferences. 

– Pay the full amount. 

– Wait for a few days. 

-Get the booking confirmation in your email.

Benefits of Using Adwings Accommodation Services:

– Direct process with immediate action. 

– Complete transparency

– No hidden charges

– Personal guidance over your stay. 

– Personal loans for your visit.

Factors to Care for Booking Accommodation:



-Type of Housing




-Means of business

Why Choose Adwings Immigration?

–  5+ years of experience in successfully conducting international visits. 

– 10000+ Successful Indian applications to date. 

– All post-landing services to you including accommodation. 

– Transparent online processing, leaving no space for physical visits to the office.

How Does Adwings Immigration Help You?

Adwings Immigration is one of the top immigration consultants in Noida. For the last 5+ years, we have been offering all kinds of Visa application and post-landing services to people looking for international visit, stay, or move. 

Our services include Visa Application, Document Arrangement & Verification, IELTS and similar training programs, and nonetheless Post-landing and Accommodation services. 

Make your international visit cosier. Book personalised accommodation for a reliving experience.

What Do We Offer You?

– All kinds of international visa applications. 

– Personal guidance throughout the visa & accommodation process. 

– A document checklist for all professional formalities. 

– Complete automated process and management for your visit. 

– Processing of your application, follow-up, and management of your needs. 

– Flight booking when needed.


– Student Hostel

– Traveller Hostel

– Homestay

– Apartment

– Campus Hostel

– Hotels

– Private Accommodation.

– The best stay for you would be in campus hostels. However, you can choose Homestay or student hostels near the universities.

– Travel hostels, homestays, and hotels are good for travellers.

– Get a free consultation call and share all the details of your trip & preferences. We will do the rest and confirm you once it’s booked.

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Himani Gailakoti
Himani Gailakoti
Undoubtedly, a highly skilled and proficient Team. Yes, they handled our visa application process. The Adwings Immigrations best feature is that they keep you informed and will entertain you no matter how many times you call with questions. I appreciate you all continuing to work honestly and transparently 👍🏻. May God bless you and have a good luck 🙏🏻
Money Batra
Money Batra
I had an amazing experience with Adwings Immigration. For my parents, I have applied for a tourist visa. The process went so smoothly and quickly that I never imagined my parents' visa would arrive in just 14 days. The personnel is incredibly helpful and cooperative. Finally, I would like to thank the Adwings Immigration team.
Keshav Sharma
Keshav Sharma
Using Adwings Immigrations to help me get my close work permit was a wonderful experience for me. My heartfelt appreciation to the team for their wonderful support and help during our public relations journey. They are really knowledgeable and competent. I'm happy that i choose your service. Many thanks for it.
ujjwala nagar
ujjwala nagar
I’m absolutely delighted with the exceptional assistance Adwings Immigrations provided. They efficiently secured my sister’s Canadian visa in just 20 days. Entire team played a pivotal role in ensuring a smooth process. I wholeheartedly endore Adwings Immigrations for Immigration support and extend my sincere appreciation for their outstanding help.
paras kumar
paras kumar
"Communication with Adwings Immigrations was a breeze. They were always just a call or email away, ready to answer any queries I had. Their responsiveness and willingness to address concerns promptly made the entire process stress-free
sonu garg
sonu garg
"Adwings Immigrations left no stone unturned when it came to preparing my application. Their attention to detail was impressive. They meticulously reviewed my documents, ensuring there were no errors or omissions. It's this level of thoroughness that instilled confidence in their services.
Varun Khatter
Varun Khatter
Adwings Immigration provides great and hassle free services. Good job and keep it up 👍
Ruchishree Tamori
Ruchishree Tamori
I had an exceptional experience with Adwings Immigrations during my visa application process for Germany. From the initial consultation to the final approval, they provided top- notch services.👍👍

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