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The Ontario PNP program goes with Ontario Expressway entry and offers a PR status to all applicants based on their intentions, professional skills, and expertise. It is your chance to create a new life for all years to come. Get an Ontario Visa easily with Adwings Immigration and be eligible to enjoy PR status along with world-class amenities.

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A Home in Ontario, How Would That Be?

Ontario is Canada’s most populous province and is a vibrant destination for everyone. With numerous opportunities, a multicultural atmosphere, and individual development, world-class education & healthcare system, the province offers migrants a robust economy. 

The province needs skilled professionals in diverse sectors such as finance, culture & art, technology, manufacturing, innovation, and healthcare. 

Moving to Ontario means a better education system, high quality of life, beautiful landscapes, exposure to the world, and a dynamic workforce in society to lead a prosperous and satisfactory life.

What is the Ontario Immigration Program?

Ontario is a province in Canada and offers PNP programs to welcome skilled immigrants and refugees on their land. 

The OINP program, also called the Toronto PNP program, works in partnership with the Canadian government through Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).  

This PNP program welcomes students, workers, and skilled professionals with the right in-demand skills, proper education, and experience. 

The OINP recognises the eligibility of individuals and offers PR status to nominated applicants. Note that all the final decisions will be taken by the federal government of Canada, the Department of IRCC.

Benefits of Ontario Immigration Program:

  • 100,000+ job vacancies
  • You need a CRS score of 400
  • Easier path to settle in Canada
  • The province has nominated 9750 immigrants in 2022. 
  • Surreal opportunities for healthcare & tech professionals. 
  • Less competitive market for newcomers.
  • Lower cost of living. 
  • One of the easiest ways to get Canada PR status.
  • Different stream options for all to choose from. 
  • The PNP program adds 600 CRS points to your profile, making the nominations easier. 
  • Encourages applicants with family ties in Ontario. 
  • The free education system and developed health care infrastructure. 
  • A Welcoming community for all.
  • Chance to enjoy the government policies.

Prominent Cities to Immigrate in Ontario:

Ontario is an urban province with 4/5th of its total population living in the cities, towns and suburbs. The province is the second largest in Canada and enjoys a natural resource share as well as a developed diversified economy. 

Ontario touches US borders in the south, Quebec on its east, and Manitoba on its west. Hudson Bay & James Bay lie on its North. 

The two capital cities, Toronto- the capital of Ontario and Ottawa- the Capital of Canada in Ontario itself. 

  1. Toronto- Capital of Ontario
  2. Ottawa- Capital of Canada. 
  3. London
  4. Windsor
  5. Kitchener
  6. Brampton
  7. Vaughan
  8. Hamilton
  9. Markham
  10. Mississauga

Types of Permanent Residency Visa under Ontario PNP?

Check all the kinds of available PNP streams in Ontario. 

  1. Skilled Immigration
  • Uses a point-based system to choose their candidates. 
  • 2+ years of work experience required. 
  • Must be less than 51 years old. 
  • Fluency in English is required.  
  1. State/Territory/Province Sponsored Immigration
  • Equal process for getting a PNP status. 
  • Choose a listed occupation. 
  • Can apply for a long-term visa which leads to citizenship.  
  1. Employer Based Immigration
  • Only for applicants with full-time jobs in the province. 
  • Most in-demanded way of getting PR status.
  • Applicants must apply for a visa test. 
  1. Family Migration
  • Applicants who have their families residing in Ontario are preferred. 
  • Family members must be a citizen of PR of the province to sponsor.  
  1. Investment Migration
  • The provincial government allows temporary visas in return for investment from $50,000 and above.

Ontario PNP Streams:

There are several streams for Ontario PNP programs. Check them all with personal assistance from Adwings to choose your best-suited stream.

  1. Human Capital Category
  2. Masters or Ph.D. Category
  3. Employer Job Offer Category
  4. Business Category

Each stream has sub-categories and their specific requirements are different.

Human Capital Category:

  1. Human Category Priorities Stream: 
  • No job offers are required. 
  • Express Entry profile
  • 1+ years of work experience
  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. 
  • CLB level 7 or above in English or French
  1. French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream: 
  • No job offers are required. 
  • Express Entry profile
  • 1+ years of work experience
  • A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree. 
  • CLB level 7 or above in French. 
  1. Skilled Trades Stream:
  • No job offers are required. 
  • Express Entry profile
  • 1+ year of paid work experience.
  • Must currently live in Ontario. 
  • CLB level 5 or above in English or French. 

Masters or Ph.D. Category: 

  1. Masters Graduate Stream: 
  • No job offer required. 
  • No express entry profile is required. 
  • Master’s degree from an eligible university. 
  • CLB level 7 or above in English or French. 
  • Must have legally lived in Ontario for 1 year in the last two years.  
  1. PhD Graduate Stream: 
  • No job offer is required. 
  • No express entry profile is required. 
  • Must have a PhD degree from an eligible Ontario university.
  • Must have legally lived in Ontario for 1 year in the last two years. 

Employer Job Offer Category: 

  1. Foreign Worker Stream:
  • Job offer from a valid employer in Ontario. 
  • 2+ years of work experience. 
  • Pay must be higher than the median wage rate in Ontario. 
  1. In-Demand Skills Stream:
  • A valid Job offer. 
  • 9+ months of experience. 
  • Must be an in-demand occupation. 
  • CLB 4 or above in English or French. 
  • A high school diploma is the minimum. 
  • Pay must be higher than the median wage rate in Ontario. 
  1. Skilled Trades Stream:
  • A valid Job offer. 
  • Your current wages must be higher than the low-level wage rate in Ontario. 
  • 2-year degree or diploma from a Canadian institute.

Ontario PNP Level Plan for 2023-2025:

The Ontario immigrants program is about to see an increment in the nominations for 2023-2025. It can be your chance to move to Ontario. 

Years of Programs








The Ontario PNP has 2 mandatory steps for each applicant. 

  1. Secure a nomination.  
  2. Apply for a PR status. 


  • Getting a PR status for the applicant’s family is also a necessity. 
  • The final decision will always be under the IRCC of Canada.

Occupations in Demand in Ontario:

  1. Nurses and doctors. 
  2. Physicians. 
  3. Delivery Truck Driver
  4. Heavy Equipment Operators
  5. Software Developer
  6. Sales Manager
  7. Cloud Architect
  8. Construction Trades
  9. Machining Tool Operators
  10. Cooks 
  11. Food and Beverage Servers 
  12. Financial Managers
  13. Web Designers & Developers.
  14. Software Engineers and Designers. 
  15. Database Analysts. 
  16. Retail and Wholesale Trade Accountants.

Required Eligibility to Apply for Ontario PNP:

  • Academic documents of school/diploma/ or higher classes.
  • You must be between the ages of 21 to 55.
  • A minimum Bachelor’s degree is required. 
  • Educational Credential Assessment is a must. 
  • True intention of living & working in Ontario only. 
  • Language proficiency 
  • A minimum of 400 CRS score is required. 
  • Proof of funds to support your family’s maintenance in Ontario. 
  • 1+ years of work experience required. 

Need more information? Make a free consultation call.

How Adwings Immigration Can Help You?

Adwings Immigration is among the top immigration agencies in India and offers easy visa services to applicants who want to create a new life in Ontario. We offer expert suggestions, training programs, financial help, and personalised guidance to secure you a ticket to Ontario.

Things are simple with Adwings.

What do we offer? 

– Step-by-step guide to move your application.

– Personalised counselling for creating better opportunities for your immigration.

– Strategic training program for international language tests like IELTS, GMAT, and PTE.

– Customised financial support for your settlement in Ontario.

– Professional help for arranging the required documents & legal permissions.

Step-by-step Guide for Ontario PNP:

  1. Discovery/Counselling Call: Use Adwings Immigration’s portal to drop your query and our discovery team will contact you for some basic counselling & personal information.
  1. Adwings IELTS: Participate in the Adwings strategic training programs for international language proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, GMAT, etc.
  1. Enrol for Nova Scotia PNP: Enrol in the Ontario PNP program and prepare for some basic counselling. Our team will help you with profile creation, and application form.
  1. Apply for the Right Stream: You must choose one PNP stream that suits your career and potential future. Take expert help from Adwings if you feel so.
  1. Get the Letter: Get your letter of acceptance for Ontario nominations.
  1. Final Registration for Visa: You must do a final registration with us and make sure you don’t put any wrong information. Don’t forget our post-landing services as well.
  1. Flight Booking: Book a flight to Ontario and get your favourite seat booked. Otherwise, we can do that for you as well. 


The OINP program is run by the Canadian government for Ontario province to welcome skilled immigrants from all around the world to live, work, and be a permanent resident of the country.

The Human Capital Priorities stream selects the most skilled candidates who are highly qualified and hold expertise in one subject in particular.

Yes, creating a strong Express Entry profile offers you an additional 600 CRS points. Notably, the CRS point requirement for Ontario is 400 only.

Not necessarily, there are some PNP program streams which allow people with no current job offers.

The time required for processing depends on the chosen stream. However, on average, the processing time takes up to 90 days for OINP.

PNP Program

ONTARIO pnp program
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