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Create A Prosperous Career with Dubai’s World-Class Education Model

Dubai – the land of royal lineage, offers a lifetime of experience for students around the globe. With its futuristic technology, modern curriculum to study in Dubai for Indian students and deeply-rooted cultural understanding, it is a perfect place to save your future.

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Study in Dubai, Give Your Career a Royal Future

Dubai is one of the most famous international hubs for technology, culture, art and academia. With 6 QS universities ranked among the best global educational institutions, Dubai embarks as the top choice for international study programs. 

International restaurants can opt for full-time programs like Engineering, Technology, computers and IT, business aviation, architecture, agriculture, economics and medicine. Full-time designing and interior courses are also on the rise among youngsters. 

More to this, Dubai is the world’s safest country, which makes it a top tier choice for families to send their kids to study. With strict laws, no harm can be done to kids’ personal or professional life by any means.

Benefits of Study in Dubai for Indian Students:

Known as a technological and educational hub, Dubai is the safest country in the world. This kills the worries of a responsible parent and ensures their children’s safety. With modern day study programs and diverse subjects like arts marketing and Engineering makes it the number one choice for global students. 

  • Dubai is the safest place to live and study.
  • Hyper-futuristic infrastructure and career-based study programs to empower students’ futures. 
  • It offers a reasonable cost of living and a comparison to the UK, USA and other advanced countries. 
  • One of the fastest growing economies with a wide range of great opportunities. 
  • Dubai’s 6 universities are in the top QS ranking. 
  • Offer scholarships up to 55000 AED per year. 
  • Offers a 2-year post-study work permit.
  • Well established and honest education system. 
  • Exposure to a harmonious environment with 200+ nationalities residing in Dubai. 
  • Easier visa process. 

Dubai Student Visa Types:

Dubai offers several visas to welcome guests on its land. No special student visa is issued. We can categorize the visa’s requirements. Check below.

  1. Visa sponsored by family: Full-time students who have applied to a Dubai institution can apply for a study visa sponsored by their families only. 
  2. Visa sponsored by Educator: An institution can sponsor your study visa in Dubai if you are an eligible candidate for full-time studies in Dubai. The institution must be registered and qualify by the educational laws. 
  3. Visa for a Short Stay: Students who have enrolled themselves into a short-time vocational training or courses can apply for a visa to for a short-term stay in Dubai. 

Below is a detailed list of Dubai visa types and their costs for Indian students. Check them all out. 

Dubai Visa Types

Cost for Indians 

48-hour Visa

INR 2200-4500

96-hour Visa

INR 4000-6000

14 Days Single Entry Short Term Visa

INR 9500-13000

30 Days Single Entry Short Term Visa

INR 6755-10000

90 Days Visit Visa

INR 16890-20000

Multi Entry Long Term Visa

INR 40320-60000

Multi Entry Short Term Visa

INR 17110-24000

We help you get a Dubai study visa in the easiest way possible. Get step-by-step expert guidance to find a suitable course and a promising university for you. We focus on individuals’ strengths, skills, and preferences and help them sort out their best suited study program. We also entertain students with Adwings Immigration financial support team for sponsorship worth 5 Crores.

Best Universities for indian students in Dubai:

1. Khalifa University

QS Rank- 230
Score- 41.6
Location- Abu Dhabi

2. United Arab Emirates University

QS Rank- 290
Score- 35.9
Location- AL Ain

3. American University of Sharjah (AUS)

QS Ranking- 364
Score- 30.3
Location- Sharjah

4. University of Sharjah

QS Ranking- 465
Score- 24.7
Location- Sharjah

5. Ajman University

QS Ranking- 551
Score- 21.3
Location- Ajman

6. Abu Dhabi University

QS Ranking- 580
Score- 20.4
Location- Abu Dhabi

7. Zayed University

QS Ranking- 701
Score- N/A
Location- Abu Dhabi

8. University of Birmingham Dubai

QS Ranking- N/A
Location- Dubai International Academic City

9. Heriot-Watt University Dubai

QS Ranking- N/A
Location- Dubai International Academic City

10. RIT Dubai

QS Ranking- N/A
Location- Dubai Silicon Oasis

Best Courses to study in Dubai for Indian students after graduation/12th:

1. Design Courses to apply for 

  • Design and Innovation.  
  • Fashion, Jewellery, and Textile Design.
  • Architecture & Interior Design

2. Business Management

  • Business Management
  • International Business
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Disaster Management

3. Accounting & Finance

  • Information Technology 
  • Computer Systems Engineering

4. Marketing 

  • Digital Marketing
  • Business Analytics
  • Copywriter
  • Social Media Managers. 

5. Engineering

  • Software engineering
  • IT Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence & Robotics

6. Healthcare

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Physiotherapist
  • Psychologist

Program Timeline:

Dubai’s universities offer 3 intakes in a year for international students – Fall, Spring, and Summer. These intakes depend on the university’s personal choices too. Check the given details below.

Course Duration: 3-4 Years. 

Intake Months: 

Fall: Sep-Oct

Spring: Jan-Feb

Summer: June-July

Study in Dubai for Indian students after 12th cost

AED 37,500- AED 85,000

Course Duration: 2 Years. 

Intake Months: 

Fall: Sep-Oct

Spring: Jan-Feb

Summer: June-July

Cost of studying in Dubai for Indian students

AED 55,000- AED 85,0000

Academic Requirement to Study in Dubai:

Study Programs 

Minimal Academic Requirement

Minimal Percentage Requirements 





  • 60%. 
  • Some universities may demand 65% from the ICS/CBSE board students.

Overall- 6.0

Each Band- 5.5






Each Band-5.5

For MBA courses, universities may ask you to have 2-3 years of prior work experience. 

Note: EmCAT tests for under graduation courses are essential for some competitive universities. 


A computer-based test which operates on the United Arab Emirates national standards of education, includes subjects like English, mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, and biology. This is to check the eligibility of students for getting admission to public or private universities.

Student Visa Requirement to Study in Dubai for Indian students:

  • Verified document of Dubai Study Visa.
  • Acceptance letter from a registered university in Dubai. 
  • Proof of funds and bank balance to manage your living in Dubai. 
  • Proof of accommodation in Dubai. 
  • Receipt for enrollment fee or admission fee from a registered university for the academic year.
  • Travel insurance details document. 
  • Certificate of medical fitness of the applicant. 
  • Transcripts of all the previous year academics of the applicant.

Dubai Student Visa Process Time:

The average process for getting a Dubai student Visa takes 3–6 weeks only. Your visa application may be received earlier as well if all the documents are correctly provided. Please note that only the eligible students will be called out to study in Dubai.

Scholarship to Study in Dubai for Indian Students after 12th:

We offer our students scholarships of up to 5 crores INR. All you need to do is to ask a query in the finance department. We use a metrics system and the First come, First service method to allow the requested loan amount. 

On top of that, there are several Dubai scholarships for bachelors/post graduation in Dubai for Indian students that you can apply for. Please note that both the scholarships can be shown as your financiers. 

Note – All the prices mentioned are in AED per year.  

  1. Khalifa University Combined Master/Doctoral Research Teaching Scholarship: 8,000 to 12,000 AED
  2. Khalifa University Master Research Teaching Scholarship: 3,000 –  4,000 AED
  3. Mohamed Bin Zayed University Scholarship for AI: 8,000 – 10,000 AED
  4. Forté INSEAD Fellowship: 43,197 – 86,395 AED
  5. INSEAD Deepak & Sunita Gupta Endowed Scholarships: 107,993 AED
  6. INSEAD Indian Alumni Scholarship: 107,993 AED

Cost of Living when Study in Dubai for Indian Students:


Monthly Cost (AED)


8,000 – 15,000


500 – 1,500


1,000 – 3,000


500 – 1,000


300 – 500

Health Insurance

500 – 1,500


500 – 2,000

Dubai Best Opportunities for Career:

  1. Finance Advisor. 
  2. Investment Banker
  3. Marketing Director
  4. Surgeon
  5. General Practitioner
  6. Dentist 
  7. Aerospace Engineer
  8. Pilot
  9. Professors
  10. Engineering Jobs
  11. HR managers
  12. Artificial Intelligence & Cloud Architect
  13. Petroleum Engineers 
  14. Offahore Installation Managers (OIM)

Finding Part-Time Employment in Dubai:

Universities in Dubai generally don’t allow students to work during their study course. To do so, getting a permission letter is necessary from the department of labor and universities for part-time work. 

Students can work up to only 15 hours per week during their courses. 

During the summer vacation, they can work up to 60 hours per week. 

Do This to Find Part-Time Jobs:  

  • Look in the job portals actively working in Dubai
  • Connect with your university professors and student help centre. 
  • Start freelancing. 
  • Go to your local area and find jobs manually. 

Dubai Post-Study Work Permits: 

  • You must be of 18 years or above. 
  • Graduated students are advised to take up an internship in Dubai. 
  • Only students with a GPA of 3.5 or above are allowed to have a renewal visa for 5 years. 
  • Getting permission from employer for all the graduates who want to work in Dubai is necessary. The residential format allow students to stay up to 3 years in Dubai. 
  • An employer must issue work permits to its new employees without which no new graduates are allowed to full-time work. 

How Does Adwings Immigration Can Help?

We will help you with the A2Z solution to get a student visa to Dubai. Get step by step consultancy over the complex process of visa and admission to Dubai’s top universities and win a chance to study in Dubai’s advanced environment for your career success. 

Our experts have exclusive experience of the international market and evolving educational trends, which will help you select the best suitable courses which fulfill your preferences as well as financial needs in the future. 

See the detailed process of getting a visa through Adwings Immigration. 

What We Offer:      

  • We make getting a Dubai visa easy for everyone. 
  • Get exclusive career guidance to provide a future-proof and promising career. 
  • Special training programs for the English proficiency test. 
  • Financial support up to 5 crores INR. 
  • Support for legal permission and required documents to move to Dubai.

Step-by-step Guide for Student Visa?

  1. Discovery/Counselling Call: Drop a query and our discovery team will call you for some basic and academic details. 
  1. Adwings IELTS: Register yourself in the Adwings Immigration strategic English proficiency test training program, which is essential to getting a visa. 
  1. Enrol for Student Visa: Enroll on our portal for starting the process of getting you a Dubai study visa. 
  1. Apply for Scholarships: Apply for the Adwings immigration scholarships. You can get financial support of up to 5 crores.
  1. Get the Letter: Receive your admission letter within 2 to 4 weeks only, which can be conditional or non- conditional. 
  1. Loan Request Process: Submit an application to the finance team of Adwings Immigration to sanction your loan amount. 
  1. Confirmation Letter for Loan: Receive a confirmation letter for your loan and book your seat at your chosen university. 
  1. Final Registration for Visa: Do a final crosscheck for all the documents and head to Adwings visa department. You may take the help of our experts here as well. Don’t forget to ask for the accommodation services too. 
  1. Flight Booking:  We will book your flight ticket to Dubai. For a note, if you want to do it by yourself, you are free


If you are a guy and above 18, getting a study visa for yourself is essential. In 2018, the UAE government has modified the rules and has allowed students to study in Dubai for 1 year on their parents’ visa after passing 12th class or hitting the age of 18.

You must get a GPA of 3.5 or above on your university full-time course to get a 5-year work visa and Dubai.

Yes, you can but do not leave the country for more than 6 months, otherwise your visa will be canceled.

Primary and secondary education is free for UAE residence in government institutions.

You may study in Dubai without an IELTS test. However, look for this for better eligibility of the candidate.

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