Hey In-Law Partners, Canada Calls You to Make Your Identity

Moving out to Canada? With a SOWP visa, you can make the best of it. Your spouses or in-law partners can start working in Canada, helping you or making their own fortune while you stay for study or work.

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Why Only Visa Holders Can Have All The Fun?

Canada issues open work visas C41 and C42 to spouses or in-law partners of the main visa holders. While the holder works or studies in Canada, the spouses can apply to the open work system during their stay. 

The visa allows spouses to make a living while they reside in the country, offering them the opportunities to make their visit more meaningful & more economically profitable. Plus, what would you do in Canada all day long? Choosing to work is indeed a great alternative. 

Spouses or in-law partners can explore the country’s culture, socio-economic dynamics, and facilities, and meet reputed names in the country. Working in Canada will offer personal development through timeless real-life experiences. 

But most importantly, 

Why Should Main Visa Holders Have All the Fun?

SOWP Visa Process- The Adwings Way:

  1. Put a query for a free consultation call. 
  2. Get personalised counselling on the SOWP permit and your needs. 
  3. Register your profile. 
  4. Pay the complete visa and service fees. 
  5. Arrange all your documents asked for the permit. 
  6. Wait for your permit letter from the embassy.

What Is a SOWP Visa?

A Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP) permit allows spouses or in-law partners to work in Canada temporarily. The Canadian work permit allows them to open work under a local employer while the main visa holder is studying or working in Canadian institutions. 

Spouses or in-law partners can apply for an SOWP permit in 


  1. Spouse or in-Law Partners of Skilled Workers:

– Can apply for SOWP without an offer letter in hand. 

– Apply for SWOP exemption if the principal worker has

  1. Has a 6-month work permit. 
  2. Has plans to live in Canada while working. 
  3. Works in a National Occupational Classification (NOC) listed jobs. 


  1. Spouse or in-Law Partners of Full-Time Students:

Can apply for SWOP if the principal worker is a full-time student and studies at

– A public or private secondary or post-secondary Canadian institution. 

– A private institution of Canada authorised by Provincial Statute.

Benefits of SOWP Permit:

– Allows you to work while waiting and making a decision whether to apply for refugee, immigration, or citizenship in Canada. 

– Even if you’re not sponsored, you are allowed to live with your partner in Canada. 

– Allows you to choose your employer, unlike the closed work permit. 

– Offers you to get a professional experience in Canada and earn in Canadian dollars. 

– Employers prefer SOWP workers as they don’t need a Labour Market Impact Assessment for hiring such workers. 

– Opportunity to gain Canadian work experience without getting a PR status. 

– Offers you opportunities to network in Canada. 

– Improves quality of life with financial stability and career growth. 

– Gives your spouse access to social benefits like healthcare, insurance, and pensions. 

– Helps in improving language proficiency. 

– Offers flexibility in Job Search.

Eligibility of SOWP Permit:

– Have a valid legal common in-law relation. 

– Legally married for at least 1 year. 

– The principal applicant must have a valid work permit or study permit. 

– No criminal records against the applicant and spouse. 

– Medically fit for working and living in Canada.

Requirement for SOWP Permit:

– Marriage certificate or proof of common in-law relation. 

– A valid temporary resident status in Canada. 

– Proof of principal applicant’s status in Canada. 

– Application forms. 

– Must make the complete payment. 

– Additional social documents when needed.

SOWP Permit Fees:

The payment fee of SOWP for a single person is CAD 225.

Process Time of SOWP Permit:

SOWP permit processing time commonly takes around 3-4 months from the day of application. Nonetheless, it depends on the complexity of 

The SOWP permit stays valid as long as the work permit is allowed to the principal applicant. 

Still, Figuring Things Out?

Make a free consultation call with us.

Why Choose Adwings Immigration?

  1. 5+ experience in successful international visa applications. 
  2. 10000+ successful Indian applications till now. 
  3. 10K+ personalised counselling calls every year. 
  4. Post landing & accommodation services in Canada, if needed. 
  5. Complete transparent online processing. No need to visit the office.

How Adwings Immigration Can Help You?

Adwings Immigration has been one of the top preferred immigration counselling firms in India for the last 5+ years. In such a short time, we have helped 10000+ Indian applicants and offered those visas through various means. 

A SOWP permit allows your spouse or common-in-law relatives to work openly in Canada. The allowances go alongside the validity of the work permit or study permit of the principal applicant. 

Notably, the SOWP may lead you to PR status as well if applied. 

Why Stop When You Can Enjoy Canadian Professionalism? Get a SOWP Work Permit in Canada.

What Do We Offer You?

  • Personal guidance throughout the process for SOWP permits suiting your needs. 
  • An all-in document checklist for a legal immigration and open work permit. 
  • Complete processing and management of SOWP permit of applicants alongside the principal applicant’s work or study permit. 
  • Processing of the application, follow-up updates, and updates from the embassy. 
  • Flight booking if needed. 
  • Post-landing services and relocation when demanded.


The processing time of SOWP permits generally revolves around 3-4 months.

– Working & living in Canada

– Exposure to Canadian professionalism. 

– Improves language proficiency. 

– Networking opportunity. 

– Allows PR status later. 

– Earn in Canadian dollars and get better financial dynamics.  

– Allow social beneficiary to the applicant. 

– Preference from employers.

Yes, you can stay in Canada while waiting for SOWP. The only condition is to have a valid visitor visa when applying for SOWP.

– Must have a genuine legal relationship with the principal applicant. 

– Principal applicant must hold a work permit or study permit. 

– No criminal records. 

– Must be medically fit to work in Canada.

Yes, your application for SOWP may get rejected due to the lack of proof of your in-law relations and several other reasons as well.

No. IELTS is not required for SOWP.

Yes. The Canadian government allows you to apply for PR at the time of applying for SOWP or later with spousal sponsorship.

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Himani Gailakoti
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Keshav Sharma
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ujjwala nagar
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Varun Khatter
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