Saskatchewan PNP Program

Gift Yourself A New Start, Settle Down in Saskatchewan.

The Saskatchewan PNP program selects eligible skilled professionals and applicants with the true intent of living & working in the province. 

Find out all about the Saskatchewan PNP program and how you can get PR status in the province followed by citizenship of Canada. Secure a better future with unparalleled world exposure.

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Why Should Saskatchewan Be Your Destination?

Saskatchewan resides in Canada’s heart and offers unparalleled natural beauty & high quality of life to its people. The beautiful clear lakes like mirrors, vast prairies, and hills with opportunities like winter sports, hiking, or beautiful sunsets make the outdoor explorers fall in love with the land. 

The population density is lower and provides tranquility. The economy here depends majorly on agriculture and technology which are the prime source of career opportunities here. 

With a low cost of living, Saskatchewan is a place with community support, a balanced lifestyle, a growing job market, and an attraction for cultural experiences & heritage. 

For those seeking a fulfilling life, Saskatchewan is your place to call home.


The Saskatchewan PNP program is linked with Canadian immigration programs, majorly focused on nominating skilled professionals and seasonal experts. 

The program seeks to select people who have a true intent of settling down in Canada and can help with growing the local economy with their contribution to the required job opportunities. In return, the provincial government promises to offer a promising future, better social equations, better job deals, and a balanced lifestyle for all years to come. 

All nominations must fulfill the eligibility criteria for getting selected and specific skills to fulfill the job listed by the provincial government. 

The PNP program offers an easier method to move into Canada, followed by PR status & citizenship. The 2024 Canada immigration forecast is promising. Are you going to miss the opportunity?

Benefits of the Saskatchewan Immigration Program:

  • 100,000 job opportunities for all. 
  • Skilled professionals are demanded greatly. 
  • The ITA minimum CRS score is 60. 
  • Welcomed 11000+ immigrants in 2022 only. 
  • The easiest path to get Canadian citizenship. 
  • High demand for healthcare, technology, and agriculture experts. 
  • The less populated place offers more career opportunities with less competition. 
  • Have different streams to choose from the most suited one. 
  • PNP adds up to 600 CRS points. 
  • World-class education & healthcare model.

Prominent Cities to Immigrate in Saskatchewan:

Saskatchewan is one of three main provinces of Canada along with Alberta & Manitoba. The province shares the borders of the US states of Montana and North Dakota on its south, Northwest Territories on the North, Manitoba on the east, and Alberta on the west. 

The Province had the below listed top prominent cities. 

  • Regina- Capital city of Saskatchewan 
  • Prince Albert
  • Yorkton
  • Swift Current
  • North Battleford
  • Moose Jaw
  • Weyburn
  • Estevan
  • Melfort

You can choose any of these cities to move and start a new life.

Types of Permanent Residency Visa under Saskatchewan PNP?

  1. Skilled Immigration: 
  • Uses a point system to choose people.
  • 1+ years of work experience is a must. 
  • The applicant must be between 21 & 51. 
  • Must have fluency in English or French language. 
  1. State/Territory/Province Sponsored Immigration: 
  • Same process and equal value as Skilled Immigration. 
  • Choosing an occupation from the list is a must. 
  • Open a way for a long-term visa.
  • Offer citizenship of Canada. 
  1. Employer Based Immigration: 
  • Applicants with a full-time job offer in hand can apply to this.
  • Most demand in many countries. 
  • A visa test is needed to get in. 
  1. Family Migration
  • Applicants who have Family ties with families in Saskatchewan are preferred. 
  • The family member must have a PR status or be a citizen of the province. 
  1. Investment Migration
  • The Saskatchewan PNP offers a temporary visa in return for investment. 
  • The investment amount can be from $500,000 and up to any amount.

Saskatchewan PNP Streams:

British Columbia has three streams available for applicants. They all have different eligibility criteria so better cross-check each one of them and find the best for you. 

There are four different Saskatchewan PNP streams and each one has different eligibility criteria. Make sure to check out all of them.

  1. International Skilled Worker Category
  2. Saskatchewan Experience Category
  3. Entrepreneur and Farm Category
  4. International Graduate Entrepreneur Category

International Skilled Worker Category:

  1. Tech Talent Pathway: 
  • Meet language requirements. 
  • Have a permanent full-time job offer in hand. 
  • Have at least 1+ years of work experience in the last 5 years. 
  1. Employment Offer: 
  • Meet language requirements: CLB-4. 
  • Have a permanent job offer letter. 
  • Have at least 1+ years of work experience in the last 10 years. 
  1. Occupation in Demand: 
  • No job offer is required. 
  • Language requirement CLB-04. 
  • 1+ year of postsecondary education or training. 
  • Minimum level of niche work experience is required. 
  • Proof of professional license
  • Enough money to maintain the lifestyle in Saskatchewan. 
  1. Saskatchewan Express Entry: 
  • No job offer is required. 
  • An express entry profile. 
  • Fluency in language. 
  • Minimum 1+ years of postsecondary experience. 
  • Minimum level of niche work experience is required. 
  • Proof of funds. 
  • Certificate of skilled qualification.


Saskatchewan Experience Category: 


  • Skilled Worker With Existing Work Permit:
  • A Job offer
  • A valid work permit. 
  • Minimum six months of experience. 
  • CLB-4
  • Proof of eligibility for a license. 
  1. Semi-skilled Agriculture Worker with Existing Work Permit:
  • A Job offer
  • 6+ months of job experience in Saskatchewan. 
  • NOC 8431: General Farm Worker
  • NOC 8432: Nursery and Greenhouse Worker
  1. Health Professionals: 
  • A Job offer
  • Work Permit
  • Others. 
  1. Hospitality Sector Project: 
  • Valid work permit. 
  • 6+ months of job experience in Saskatchewan. 
  • SINP job letter. 
  • Minimum of high school education. 
  • CLB-4. 
  1. Long Haul Truck Driver Project: 
  • A valid Job offer. 
  • Experience of 6+ months in a trucking firm. 
  • Have a license of Saskatchewan Class 1A. 
  • CLB-4. 
  1. Students
  • Job offer. 
  • Diploma/degree certificate. 
  • CLB-4. 
  • 6+ months of job experience in Saskatchewan. 
  • Post-graduate work permit. 
  • A valid SINP job offer. 


Entrepreneur and Farm Category


  1. Entrepreneurs sub-categories: 
  • 10+ years of entrepreneurship experience. 
  • A minimum equity investment of $300,000 CAD in Regina or Saskatoon, or of $200,000 CAD in another Saskatchewan community.
  • A business establishment plan. 
  • Must create 2 jobs for Canadian PR or citizens. 
  • Must live in the province with family. 
  • Sign a business performance agreement with SINP.  
  1. 2. Farm Owners and Operators Sub-Category:
  • Niche-related knowledge is a must. 
  • Viable proposal for farming opportunity. 
  • 3+ years of practical framing & management. 
  • Must have the skills to complement your spouse/in-law’s employment skills.


International Graduate Entrepreneur Category


  1. International Graduate Entrepreneur Category
  • 21+ years old. 
  • Full-time secondary degree or diploma from any Saskatchewan institute. 
  • Valid post-graduation work permit for 2+ years. 
  • Lived in Saskatchewan during their studies. 
  • CLB-7.

Saskatchewan PNP Nominations in 2024:

The specific numbers of Saskatchewan PNP program-level plans are not yet public. However, we can follow the next Canada immigrant’s level plan for our reference. 

Year of Programs








All applicants must follow the two steps given below to get into Saskatchewan. 

  • Secure PR nominations for Saskatchewan. 
  • Get a PR status for themselves and their family as well. 


Only the IRCC Department of Canada will make the final decision. 

Occupations in Demand in Saskatchewan:

  • Engineers
  • Architects 
  • Web designers and developers
  • Educators & assistants
  • Managers
  • Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations. 
  • Biologists. 
  • Agriculture jobs. 
  • Nurses and doctors. 
  • Physicians. 
  • Cooks 
  • Consultants
  • Software Developer
  • Computer Programmers
  • Food and Beverage Servers 
  • Retail and Wholesale Trade Accountants.

Required Eligibility to Apply for Saskatchewan PNP:

  • ECA. 
  • 60 points in the Saskatchewan immigration nomination program SINP assessment grid.
  • 1+ year of skilled experience. 
  • CLB- 4 minimum or IELTS- 6.0
  • Intent of settling in Saskatchewan. 
  • Proof of funds. 
  • An occupation listed in the province job lists. 

Need more information? Make a free consultation call.

How Adwings Immigration Can Help You?

Adwings Immigration helps people with a desire to start a new life in Saskatchewan. We offer every bit of information from level plans, guidance, finances, job seeking, and post-landing services. 

We make your visa process easier for you and support you after you settle down there. Give yourself a new life with better opportunities for the future. 

With Adwings, Moving to Saskatchewan is Easy. 

See More of Our Offerings- 

  • Expert guide on express entry and visa process. 
  • Personalized counseling. 
  • Training programs for language proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, and GMAT. 
  • Financial support. 
  • A step-by-step guide to secure nominations. 
  • Document arrangement and legal permissions.

Step-by-step Guide for Saskatchewan PNP:

  1. Discovery/Counseling Call: Put a query at our portal and we will reach out to you for some basic counseling & information. 
  1. Adwings IELTS: Take advantage of the Adwings Immigration training programs for exams such as IELTS, GMAT, and PTE.
  1. Enroll for British Columbia PNP: Enroll in the SINP program and get basic counseling for your needs & eligibility criteria. Make a profile and fill out the application. 
  1. Apply for the Right Stream: Choose the stream most suitable for you. We would love to help to find out with you. 
  1. Get the Letter: Get your letter of nomination for the Saskatchewan PNP program. 
  1. Final Registration for Visa:Fill out the final registration act and no wrong information. Check out our post-landing services as well. 
  1. Flight Booking: We will next book your seat in flight or you can do it by yourself as well.


It’s an online form that shows the true intentions of an applicant for moving to Saskatchewan. This is done before the application of the PNP.

No, not all. Applicants with the needed skills are chosen only.

No. One profile is allowed for a single person.

It generally takes 4-5 months to get the Saskatchewan express entry.

You need 60 points to apply to SINP. Talk with Adwings Immigration experts to understand the point system better.

Express Entry is faster than PNP but PNP has some other benefits worth considering.

PNP Program

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