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Canada- Worldwide Destination for Advanced Studies:

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world, offering a sound opportunity for worldwide students. Diverse culture, developed ecosystem, diverse curriculum, practical studying methods, and supportive law & infrastructure- Canada offers every pillar of a successful career for students. 

Want to get international exposure? Looking for ways to reach out to global Institutions and markets? Canada is your dream destination for studies and career planning.

Why Choose Canada for Your Studies?

Canada holds the place of top educational countries in the world. Being one of the global development leaders, Canada is highly focused on providing advanced studies programs in the simplest way possible. 

The methods of teaching here complement the real-world uses. You get quality exposure in universities where innovation, ideas, and cultural harmony are celebrated. 

Being in the top QS universities list, study in Canada for Indian students offers a gateway to your economic success with career-oriented study programs. Make your first move with Adwings Immigration and we bet you will be entertained with more than you expect. 

Benefits of Studying in Canada:

Want a promising career out of your studies? Don’t miss out on Canada for many reasons.

  1. Canada offers highly affordable study programs in comparison to other countries, making it a favourable choice for all. 
  2. The educational curriculum focuses on a balance between practical & theories, making students ready for each challenge out in the market. 
  3. Canada offers innovative training and research opportunities to you. 
  4. Get international exposure in one of the top developed countries. 
  5. 31 Top-ranked universities are in Canada. 
  6. Get Study Scholarships up to 21000 CAD. 
  7. Easy study permits for study programs. 
  8. Post-studies permission to stay and work for 1-3 years. 
  9. Easy access to getting PR status with post-studies work. 
  10. Part-time and Full-time work allowance for international students.

Canada Student Visa Types:

The Canadian government issues three different kinds of Visas for the respective students. These visas are given to different students for their specific needs. They are- 

  1. Student Permit: This Visa permit allows students to study in Canada for up to 3 months. These are given to students who have applied for vocational training in Canada. 
  1.  Student Direct Stream (SDS) Program:  This visa program is the fastest way to get a visa. This visa program is to select eligible candidates for a faster process. 
  1. Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ): It represents the study permits for students to study in Quebec colleges. 

 We can help you choose the best-suited visa program. Get a consultation call 24/7 FREE! 

Top Universities to Study in Canada for Indian Students:

Canada features some of the top universities in the world. QS-Top rank universities that offer you a diverse world of study programs, focused on developing a career, are open for you. Check below to get a brief detail on the best universities in Canada.

1. University of Toronto

Rank- 21
Score- 86.3
Location- Toronto

2. McGill University

Rank- 30
Score- 83.7
Location- Montreal

3. University of British Columbia

Rank- 34
Score- 81.5
Location- Vancouver

4. University of Alberta

Rank- 111
Score- 58.3
Location- Edmonton

5. University of Waterloo

Rank- 112
Score- 58.1
Location- Waterloo

6. Western University

Rank- 114
Score- 57.4
Location- London, Canada

7. Université de Montréal

Rank- 141
Score- 52.1
Location- Montréal

8. University of Calgary

Rank- 182
Score- 47.9
Location- Calgary

9. McMaster University

Rank- 189
Score- 46.8
Location- Hamilton

10. University of Ottawa

Rank- 203
Score- 45.2
Location- Ottawa

Best Courses to Study in Canada for Indian students after graduation/12th:

  1. Information Technology Study Programs
  2. MBA
  3. Bioscience, Medicine, and Healthcare
  4. Media & Journalism
  5. Human Resource Studies
  6. Diploma Courses
  7. Actuarial Science
  8. Renewal Energy 
  9. Engineering
  10. Diploma Courses
  11. Psychology
  12. Business Management
  13. Logistics and Supply Management
  14. Agriculture

Program Timeline:

Course Duration: 2 Years. 

Time to Join- 


January & May- Minor. 

Deadline to Apply- 4-6 months before the intake.  

Cost of studying in Canada for Indian students– 

$7,000 – $15,000 CAD

Course Duration: 3 Years. 

Time to Join- 


January & May- Minor. 

cost of studying in Canada for Indian students– 

$8,000 – $20,000 CAD

Course Duration: 8 Months- 2 Years. 

Time to Join- 


January & May- Minor. 

Cost of Studying PG Diploma- 

$12,000 – $25,000 CAD

Course Duration: 4 years. 

Time to Join- 


January & May- Minor. 

study in Canada for Indian students after 12th cost- 

$20,000 – $35,000 CAD

Course Duration: 2 Years

Time to Join- 


January & May- Minor.

Cost of Studying in Canada for Masters- 

$25,000 – $40,000+ CAD

Academic Requirement to Study in Canada for Indian students:

1.IELTS score: 6.0 overall. 

2. The minimum Required Percentage for Higher Studies is as follows. 

a. Diploma- 55% in 12th

b. Advanced Diploma- 60% in 12th. 

c. Bachelors – 60%

d. PG Diploma- 55%

e. Masters – 65%

 3. GMAT Score: 580-600

4. TOEFL: PBT: 580-600

5. CBT: 237-250

Student Visa Requirement to Study Canada:

Arrange the following documents for getting a Canada study visa.

  • Document of Educational Transcripts. 
  • Academic References of Previous Institutions. 
  • Reference of the Employer.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Offer Letter from Canada Education Institution
  • Extracurricular Activity Certificate (if applicable) 
  • Proof of Payment
  • Proof of Funds
  • English Proficiency Passing Document- the IELTS score must be 6.0 overall. 

Canada Student Visa Cost & Time:

Getting a Canadian Visa is highly affordable in comparison to other developed countries. It also takes less time so you will get a response at the earliest. 

  • The average cost for a student Canada Visa is CAD 150-CAD 200.
  • A Canada student visa takes approximately 2-16 weeks.

Scholarship to Study in Canada for Indian students after 12th:

We make studies in Canada easy for you. Adwings Immigration issues student scholarships worth 5 Cr. These scholarships are given as per metrics and first come-first serve rules. 

You also have access to Canadian Scholarships for continuing your bachelors/post graduation in Canada for Indian students there. Get a brief list of them all. 

  1. BrokerFish International student scholarship- CAD 1000 
  2. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships- CAD 50,000 
  3. Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program- CAD 82,392 
  4. Microsoft Scholarships- CAD 12,000 
  5. The University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship- CAD 20,000 
  6. Dalhousie University Scholarship- CAD 38,405
  7. Carleton University Scholarship- CAD 6400
  8. University of Winnipeg Scholarships- CAD 6400
  9. University of Victoria Scholarship- CAD 6400
  10. University of Manitoba Scholarships- CAD 20,000
  11. Brock University Scholarships- CAD 20,485
  12. University of Saskatchewan Scholarships – CAD 51,215
  13. UBC Scholarship- CAD 1,02,457
  14. University of Waterloo Scholarships- CAD 12,803
  15. McGill University Scholarships- CAD 15,364

Cost of Living to study in Canada for Indian Students:


Cost in CAD

Accommodation when share








Regular Required Utilities




Health Insurance 


Canada Job Opportunities:

  1. Nurses
  2. Physician & Dentists
  3. Education
  4. Accountants
  5. Engineers
  6. Marketing Analysts
  7. Finance
  8. Human Resource
  9. Primary Production Manager
  10. Tourism and Hospitality
  11. In-Office Managers
  12. Information Security Analysts. 
  13. Airline Services
  14. Cyber-Security Experts. 
  15. Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Engineers

Finding Part-Time Jobs in Canada:

The Canadian government has allowed students for part-time jobs. However, the limit is 20 hours/week during semesters and while in breaks, students are allowed to go full-time.


  • The salary will be offered in per-hour format. 
  • The minimum wages in different Canadian cities range from CAD 4.15- CAD 15.7. 
  • Best on-campus jobs are Library Assistant, Teaching Assistant, Personal Support Assistant, Career Center Assistant etc. 

Eligibility Criteria for Getting a Part-time Job: 


  • Valid Study Permit Document. 
  • Work Limits
  • Social Insurance Numbers
  • Valid Enrollment Status
  • Good Academic Standing
  • Language Proficiency
  • Job Offer Letter. 

The US government has allowed students to work part-time to manage their costs in the country. A student is allowed only for 20 hours/week to work part-time. After the completion of your program or during vacations, students can work full-time. 

– The salary is based on a per-hour system and the minimum wage ranges from $7.25-$15.00. 

– You can get part-time jobs on your campus. Being a teaching assistant, library assistant or tutor will make good money for you. There are other services as well such as Receptionists, Catering, and Campus Ambassadors etc.

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Canada:

  1. Checking job search websites is a good idea for everyone. 
  2. Use social media to find out local job requirements and build networks. 
  3. Build a quality network and ask for referrals. 
  4. Visiting local businesses is an old school technique that always works. 
  5. Don’t miss your university’s career centre.

Canada Post-Study Work Permits:

  • Any student has registered and completed the full-time study program and is looking for a job in Canada, PGWP programs. 
  • You can work for any Canadian employer in any industry. 
  • A student who has completed a 2 years course and above is eligible to 3-year post-study professional jobs.

How Adwings Immigration Can Help?

Adwings Immigration offers you easy access to receiving Canada student visas. Our team has experts from the education, law, and career industries who uphold years of experience in offering immigration to people who want to settle down or work or study in Canada.

  • Consultation for the complete process. (See the details next) 
  • Training for IELTS and equal exams. 
  • Scholarships up to 5 Cr. 
  • Guidance for all required documents and legal permissions.

Step-by-step Guide for Student Visa?

  1.     Discovery/Counselling Call:  Drop a query and our discovery team will reach out to you. Share some basic details about you & academics, that’s all we need. 
  1.   Adwings IELTS:  Get exclusive strategic training for all English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT form Adwings.
  1.   Enrol for Student Visa:  Make an enrolment for student Visa in Adwings portals. We will get you on call for some basic details such as intent, and profile requirements. 
  1.   Apply for Scholarships:  Get expert counselling for scholarships up to 5 Cr from the Adwings and additional scholarships from universities & governments. 
  1.   Get the Letter:  Receive your admission letter within 2-4 weeks. The letter may or may not be conditioned. 
  1.   Loan Request Process:  Apply in the Adwings finance department for sanctioning loan. Note- 10L-50L amount of loan will be non-collateral and50L-1Cr loan will be collateral. 
  1.   Confirmation Letter for Loan:  Confirm your loan sanctioned and confirm your university seat. Next destination- Adwings Visa Team. 
  1.   Final Registration for Visa:  Give a final check to all your documents. Make no mistakes at all costs. Get final assistance for settling accommodation services. 
  1.   Flight Booking:  Book your flight or you can leave that too on us. Don’t worry at all; we will be with you across seas as well. 


 Canada’s educational system ranks 3rd in global level. Excellent educational options, diverse curriculum, and promising career options- Canada promises richness in education.

Some of the best cities in Canada for study are Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec. 

The average tuition expenses is around CAD 30000.

Yes, it is essential to pass the IELTS or equal examination to study in Canada. You must have marks up to 6.0 in English proficiency exams.

The average time duration is 2-16 weeks. However it may take longer depending on several international and personal issues.

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