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Study Abroad- Give Wings to Your Future:

Studying abroad opens up the doors for international programs, endless career opportunities, and a chance to see the world in & out. 

With Adwings Immigration, best study abroad consultants in delhi, be the first one to take a step for your zeal. It can be your chance to explore world cultures, continue studying under the global experts on the subject or understand the world’s most developed countries through societal harmony, technology, policies, and opportunities. 

International universities will help you throughout your career by paving a path to widen opportunities. All the countries allow you to work post-studies and some of them even offer a permanent residence permit for applicants. 

Study Visa provides students a chance to explore their studies in depth. Alongside it is their chance to start new life chapters by becoming a permanent resident of the country.

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad means you’re entering a new chapter of your life. No doubt that we also have world-class education and no one can deny the dedication of Indian students and their contribution to the world. But the point is not only bookish. 

Going to a different land for studies makes you better in all aspects. There are endless study programs, wide opportunities for a career, higher financial income, and higher per capita income which makes your future financially strong and stress-free. 

But the list doesn’t finish here. 

  1. International studies offer you the opportunity to explore the world. 
  2. Introduces you to students with different worldviews and teaches you to live in harmony. 
  3. Gives a chance to travel. 
  4. Understand the importance of culture and its impact on different parts of the world. 
  5. Chance to meet the world’s recognised experts. 
  6. Understand the business fabric of different countries.

Benefits of Studying Abroad:

  •  Experience world cultures and societal understanding. 
  •  Make new friends from all around the globe. 
  • Exploration changes the way you think. 
  • Offers wide options of career-focused courses. 
  • Opportunities to work internationally. 
  • Develop your language skills.
  • Study under the global experts in reputed universities. 
  • Offers you a chance to travel widely.

Best Courses to Join Overseas after 12th/Graduation:

  1. Business Management & Analytics
  2. Engineering
  3. Medicine
  4. Law
  5. Computer Science & IT
  6. Travel, Tourism & Hospitality
  7. Art, Design, and Fashion
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Interior Designing
  10. Film & Music
  11. History
  12. Culinary Arts
  13. Philosophy
  14. Economics
  15. Aviation
  16. Artificial Intelligence 
  17. Machine Learning
  18. Banking
  19. Human Resource

Why Choose Adwings Immigration Best Study Abroad Consultants in Delhi?

Adwings Immigration best study abroad consultants in delhi is one of the most trusted immigration centers in India and has a record of 10000+ successful immigration applicants in almost 6+ years. We are IRCTC registered and have everything applicants ever need for their study abroad. 

We work with a clear motive of sharing detailed information about studying in a different land and its requirements specifically catered to countries. 

At Adwings Immigration international education consultants in Delhi offer free expert consultation sessions to understand the process in-depth and training for exams like IELTS. More to it, Adwings Immigration focuses on supporting applicants with finances such as scholarships & loans. 

We work not just as your immigration assistants but we see your application as an effort to explore the world. We make sure that you get to know the minute details about the study visa programs and get a seat in your desired international universities.

How Adwings Immigration Best Abroad Consultancy in Delhi Help You?

  • Free consultation sessions with immigration experts. 
  • Step-by-step guidance for getting admission & study visa. 
  • Exclusive language training programs for IELTS and similar exams. 
  • Team of Experts Only. 
  • Extra services after your landing 
  • Accommodation services. 
  • Personalized treatment for each applicant. 
  • Offer you the latest updates in policies. 
  • A scholarship worth 5 CR. INR. 
  • A loan of up to 1 CR to each applicant.

Documents Required for Study Abroad Visa:

Though different countries’ study visas have different requirements, a lot of them are common for all. Specific details of requirements are given on the specific country on Adwings Immigration best abroad education consultants in Delhi study visa pages. Go and check them out. 

  1. Valid passport and travel history of the applicant. 
  2. All previous study credentials. 
  3. Documents for the proof of funds to maintain the expenditure. 
  4. Proof of admission from the academic institution.
  5. Transcripts of all required legal documents.

Step-by-step Guide to Getting a Study Visa:

  1.     Discovery/Counseling Call: Give us a query and attend a discovery call from our team. Share some basic information about you & your academic sessions. 
  1.   Adwings IELTS: Get advanced exams centric English proficiency tests like IELTS, PTE, and GMAT with Adwings Training programs. 
  1.   Enroll for Student Visa: Enroll on Adwings to get a study abroad visa. You will have to go through some basic counseling and fulfill the profile requirements. 
  1.   Apply for Scholarships:Apply for the scholarship of up to 5 CR INR for studying in the world’s universities from Adwings Finances. 
  1.   Get the Letter: Get the admission letter within 2-4 weeks only. Receive the offer letter and proceed. 
  1.   Loan Request Process: Get loan support for your studies in foreign lands. Get up to 1 CR of the loan amount from Adwings Immigration. 
  1.   Confirmation Letter for Loan: Get a confirmation letter from the Adwings Immigration finance department and move to the visa team. 
  1.   Final Registration for Visa: Cross-check your eligibility and finalize all your documents for the visa. We also offer accommodation services post-landing. 
  1.   Flight Booking: Book your flights or leave that as well to us. We will be happy to help you.


Moving from your home country offers an opportunity to see the world in person. You gain new experiences, meet new people, and see wide opportunities for the future. You grow as a person and start thinking globally. 

First, be sure that you want to go abroad for higher studies. 

Once done, drop a query to Adwings Immigration and our discovery team contact you. Further, we will connect you for free consultation sessions to find out your best opportunities and proceed with that.

All countries have different requirements for their international applicants so it would be best to check for specific regions.

  • Previous academic transcripts. 
  • A valid passport & accepted visa. 
  • Required legal documents
  • Proof of funds. 
  • Admission letter/documents

Most countries accept the IELTS examination for the English language. It is a necessity for them but there are countries where a second language is an option to choose.

Though it is not heard of, this heavily depends on the universities. Most schools don’t ask for any such in-person interview but some may ask for doing so.


Sonu Garg
    Sonu Garg

    Adwings Immigrations” left no stone unturned when it came to preparing my application. Their attention to detail was impressive. They meticulously reviewed my documents, ensuring there were no errors or omissions. It’s this level of thoroughness that instilled confidence in their services.

    Ishita Chugh
      Ishita Chugh

      Communication with Adwings Immigrations was a breeze. They were always just a call or email away, ready to answer any queries I had. Their responsiveness and willingness to address concerns promptly made the entire process stress-free.

      Paras Kumar
        Paras Kumar

        “Communication with Adwings Immigrations was a breeze. They were always just a call or email away, ready to answer any queries I had. Their responsiveness and willingness to address concerns promptly made the entire process stress-free.

        Ruchishree Tamori
          Ruchishree Tamori

          I had an exceptional experience with Adwings Immigrations during my visa application process for Germany. From the initial consultation to the final approval, they provided top-notch services.

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