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Easily Settle in Alberta and welcome a Blissful Future.

Want to move abroad for a rewarding career and a fulfilling life? Alberta PNP is now available for all and calling immigrants from all around the world for their economic & social development. In return, the immigrants & refugees are entertained with a promising career, a well-maintained lifestyle, and a progressive society for the future to come.

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Settle in Alberta- Give Your Life a Blissful Turn

Alberta is one of three provinces of Canada that is surrounded by developed countries. The land is called the Energy Province of Canada as it produces the biggest share of Coal, Natural Gas, and Crude Oil production in the country. But Alberta is not all about industries only. 

Settling in Alberta means getting a complete 360° transformative experience for you & your family’s future. Stays in the heart of Canada, Alberta offers breathtaking landscapes, a harmonious society, and development to its core. Well, not to forget, they have the Rocky Mountains and Vast Prairies. 

People here are warm & welcoming to newcomers. 

Alberta’s economy lies in energy & agriculture therefore this is among the loving places of tech-savvy people. The province offers great career growth opportunities. 

Once settled, you will have access to high-class educational programs & healthcare infrastructure. Whether you live in nature’s wonders or want to go all-in to sky-scraping cities, Alberta is a welcoming home for all.

What is the Alberta PNP Program?

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) is an economic immigration program that selects applicants from all over the world to get permanent residence in Alberta. 

The program is run by the Alberta & Canadian governments to offer people job opportunities and space for starting a business based on their skills & expertise. 

The AAIP program runs annually and nominates applicants based on their skills. Once you’re nominated, you can apply for Permanent Residence status. This benefit is also available to your spouse, common-law partners, and kids. 

The final decision of residential applications from immigrants & refugees is taken care of by the Canadian Citizenship Department and made by the then Federal Government.

Benefits of Alberta Advantage Immigration Program:

  • Nominations are available for 100,000 skilled professionals. 
  • Easy way to gain a Canada PR. 
  • Prioritize applicants who have family toes in Alberta 
  • Issues NOIs to candidates who have scored below 400. 
  • Offer greater opportunities for career growth. 
  • Faster processing time 
  • Boost your CRS points in the Express Entry Stream.
  • Streams are available to choose a career that fits your potential. 
  • Improved job prospecting and offered a short path to entrepreneurship through the entrepreneur stream.
  • Stable economy and improved quality of life for all selected. 
  • Option available to sponsor family members. 


There are different streams in AAIP and each stream has different eligibility criteria and procession time Requirements. Research well before selecting one.

Prominent Cities to Immigrate in Alberta:

As the Alberta Immigration Minister Rajan Sawhney say, 

“Alberta needs more immigrants, to grow our communities, address labor shortages in key sectors and help continue Alberta’s economic success.”

Alberta is one of the three Canadian Prairie Provinces which shares its northern boundaries with the Northwest Territories, and at its south is the US state of Montana. East and West are surrounded by the Canadian provinces of Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Below are given the most prominent cities in Alberta. 

  1. Edmonton – Capital city of Alberta Province. 
  2. Calgary
  3. Red Deer
  4. St. Albert
  5. Airdrie
  6. Lethbridge
  7. Leduc
  8. Grande Prairie

Alberta has established itself as one of the most opportunistic destinations for Immigrants who desire to be a permanent resident of Canada. Through the PNP (Provincial Nominee Program) they can easily express their intent and start their career within Alberta. The program includes a wide range of employment opportunities for all migrants, based on their skills, expertise, experience, and desire, if they want to start a business.

Types of Permanent Residency Visa under AAIP?

There are several types of Permanent Residency visas that you can apply for through the Alberta PNP program. The list and their specific methods are given below. 

  1. Skilled Immigration
  • Point-based system for nomination. 
  • The age limit is up to 51 years. 
  • A listed occupation with 2+ years of experience in that. 
  • Good fluency in English/French. 
  • The most popular path of settling in Alberta.
  1. State/Territory/Province Sponsored Immigration
  • Very similar to a skilled immigration program. 
  • The chosen occupation must be listed on the state list issued by Alberta. 
  • Apply for a long-term visa to get citizenship and permanent residency. 
  1. Employer Based Immigration
  • Perfect for candidates who have a full-time job or an employer overseas. 
  • Very popular method for most countries. 
  • Applicants must take a visa test to get nominated. 
  1. Family Migration
  • Some countries prioritize people who have family ties such as. A parent, brother, sister, uncle, or aunt in the country. 
  • Sponsoring relatives must enjoy a PR status or be a citizen of the country. 
  1. Investment Migration
  • A temporary visa is allowed for applicants who offer an investment in return. 
  • The amount of investment ranges from $50,000-$500,000 and continues.

AAIP Streams:

You can apply to any of the following seven streams under the Alberta provincial nominee program as listed. 

  1. Alberta Opportunity Stream
  2. Alberta Express Entry Stream
  3. Rural Renewal Stream
  4. Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
  5. Foreign Graduate Entrepreneur Stream
  6. Farm Stream
  7. Rural Entrepreneur Stream

Alberta PNP Level Plan for 2023-2025:

Alberta is called Canada’s energy province for nothing. It produces most of Canada’s coal, natural gas, and crude oil.

The employment opportunities are greater and the province is looking for more immigrants to utilize the hidden treasure healthily. 

The 2023-2025 period immigration level program under AAIP is given below. 

Year or Program








The Canadian Alberta PNP program includes 2 steps. 

  1. Securing a nomination through the AAIP program run by the Provincial government. 
  2. The second step involves applying to the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada [IRCC] to get a Canada PR. 

Note- The final decision will always come from IRCC only. 

There are some points you must know about AAIP nominations.  

  • All the AAIP nominees must be able to sponsor their families after their relocation to Alberta. 
  • Selected applicants must apply for Canadian Permanent Residency status along with their spouses and dependent children as well. 

Occupations in Demand in Alberta:

  • Retail Sales Supervisors         
  • Data scientists
  • Retail and Wholesale Trade Managers
  • Food Service Supervisor
  • Computer systems developers and programmers
  • Graphic Designers and Illustrators
  • Teachers, University Professors and Lecturers
  • Software Engineers and Designers
  • Information System Testing Technicians
  • Restaurant and Food Service Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Financial Officers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Social Workers           
  • Biologists and Related Scientists       
  • Dentists          
  • Managers in Horticulture      
  • Medical Sonographers                       
  • Chef
  • Dieticians and Nutritionist
  • Web designers
  • Interior Designers
  • Bakers
  • Human Resource Managers
  • Hairstylists and Barbers
  • Admin & Administrative Assistant
  • Healthcare Professionals

Required Eligibility to Apply for AAIP:

  • Applicants must have a full-time/permanent employment offer.
  • You must have 2+ years of work experience in the chosen occupation. 
  • 4.5 minimum passing scores in international language tests like IELTS. 
  • A clear expression of living in Alberta and settling there. 
  • Document of work permit and other legal-related documents are needed. 
  • A chosen occupation under any of the following National Occupational Classification: 
  1. Skill Type 0 – management. 
  2. Skill Level A – Professional jobs 
  3. Skill Level B: Technical professions. 
  • Document for showing the legal residence in the country of origin.  
  • A confirmation letter from the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIS).

How Adwings Immigration Can Help You?

We offer A2Z solutions for getting a Visa and making a move for your new life in Alberta. Our experts keep a close observation on Alberta PNP programs and their availability for Indian immigrants. 

Now you don’t need to go through all the complex processes by yourself. We will save your time & effort and guide you in a way that no mistakes will happen. 

See all of our step-by-step guidance as listed below. 

What we offer- 

  • Career guidance and training to improve language for exams such as IELTS, PTE, GMAT, etc. 
  • Financial support. 
  • Arrangements for all required documents and legal permissions are needed.

Step-by-step Guide for Alberta PNP:

  1. Discovery/Counseling Call:  Drop a query at us and our discovery team will call you for intent and some basic details. 
  1. Adwings IELTS:  Get expert guidance & training from the Adwings Immigration team for international English language tests such as IELTS, PTE, GMAT, etc. 
  1. Enroll for Alberta PNP:  Enroll for the Alberta PNP visa through Adwings. Our team will do basic counseling, build rapport, and fulfill your profile. 
  1. Apply for the Right Stream:  Select the right stream according to your passion & apply for the chosen stream. Fulfill all the eligibility criteria and apply for it. 
  1. Get the Letter:  Get the acceptance letter if nominated within 3-6 months only. 
  1. Final Registration for Visa:  Make a final registration for a visa. Make sure you put no information wrongly. We can assist you with the accommodation services as well. 
  1. Flight Booking:  Book your flight at your convenience. Otherwise, we can also book the seats for you.


– Get a minimum of 67/100 FSW points and score 300+ in CRS score.

– After getting a nomination from AINP, it may take 15-18 months to get PR status for applicants.

– The bare minimum score for Alberta PNP is 4.5.

– Yes, the easiest way to get settled in Alberta is through Alberta PNP programs which require immigrants applying to a PR.

– You can’t directly apply to the AlNP program. The door goes through the express entry program.

– Yes, however, this is not a direct method. You may have to go through a complex process after all.

PNP Program

Alberta PNP Program
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