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New Zealand offers a lifetime of an experience with its advanced study programs that compliments the evolving world trends. Admin immigration helps you understand the process of getting a student visa and offers a chance to study in New Zealand for Indian students.

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New Zealand- Give Your Career a Academic Boost

New Zealand ranks as the 2nd most peaceful country in the world. The Global Impact of being one of the safest places attracts international students on a greater scale. The country operates as an educational hub and offers exposure to cultural diversity, research opportunities, advanced technology and study curriculum focused on building a career in the market. 

World-class modern universities, an evolved education system suitable for modern times, a growing economy, diverse opportunities and a loving climate are some other best things New Zealand has to offer you. Boost your career multiple times by securing an educational program in New Zealand.

Benefits of Study in New Zealand for Indian students:

New Zealand offers peaceful study programs to the international students. With some of the top universities in the world, New Zealand is the gateway of learning about different subjects like art, culture, technology and exposure to a world of peaceful progressive environment. 

  • Promising career opportunity and flourishing growth. 
  • 2nd most peaceful country in the world. 
  • Innovative and Research based study curriculum. 
  • Global recognition 
  • 8 universities in the world’s best QS ranking institutions. 
  • Affordable cost of study in New Zealand
  • Allowance for post study work for 3-years.
  • Get scholarship up to NZD 20000. 
  • Easy visa process with a higher success rate.
  • Digerse open opportunities for PhD scholars
  • Exposure to world class facilities and diverse cultural harmony
  • Peaceful and sound quality of lifestyle. 

New Zealand Student Visa Types:

New Zealand issues four different types of Study visas for students as listed below. 

  1. Fee Paying Student Visa: For students who have enrolled for a 4-year study course and want to work part-time during their 4-year on.
  2. Exchange Student Visa: For students who have enrolled in a 4-year full-time exchange program approved by the government. 
  3. Foreign Government Supported Student Visa:  For students who have enrolled in a 4-year full-time study course on a loan or scholarship. 
  4. Pathway Student Visa:  Students want to study for up to 5 years in 3 consecutive study programs with a single visa that offers them part-time jobs as well. 

Adwings Immigration assists you in securing a position at the top universities of New Zealand. We help you get the dream story programs at ease. IELTS training programs, visa guidance, and loan sanctioning- We help you out with EVERYTHING.

Your next stop should only be New Zealand. 

Book a free consultation call with the Adwings team and entertain yourself with a professional immigration service. 

Best Universities for indian students in New Zealand:

1. The University of Auckland

LOCATION- Auckland

2. University of Otago


3. Massey University

SCORE- 40.6
LOCATION- Palmerston North

4. Victoria University of Wellington

SCORE- 40.5
LOCATION- Kelburn, Wellington

5. University of Waikato


6. University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha

SCORE- 39.5
LOCATION- Hamilton

7. Lincoln University

SCORE- 30.6

8. Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

SCORE- 27.4
LOCATION- Auckland

Best Courses to Study in New Zealand for indian students after graduation/12th:

  • IT
  • Business
  • Computer science
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Medicine
  • Animation
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Cyber Security
  • Graphic Design
  • Artificial Intelligence

Program Timeline:

New Zealand education programs follow a 2-intake system for international students. Check out the details of the course below.

Course Duration: 3-4 Years. 

Intake Months- Jan- Major; Jul-Minor.

Deadline to Apply: 4-6 months prior to the intake of course. 

study in New Zealand for Indian students after 12th cost– NZD 22000

 Course Duration: 1.5-2 years.

Intake Months- Jan- Major; Jul-Minor.

Deadline to Apply: 4-6 months prior to the intake of course. 

Cost of studying in New Zealand for Indian students– NZD 26000

Academic Requirement to Study in New Zealand:

Study Programs

Required Academics

Minimal Percentages 

English Proficiency Test Results

Backlogs Allowed 

Other Standard Tests




Overall- 6.5

Each Band- 6.0

10 Maxm



Graduation of 3 or 4 years. 


Overall- 6

Each Band- 6.0

10 Maxm

For MBA- 

GMAT Results & prior 2-year work experience may be required. 

Student Visa Requirement to Study in New Zealand for Indian Students:

  • An acceptance letter from the New Zealand education ministry. 
  • Proofs of funds for tuition fees. 
  • Travel tickets & insurance fees. 
  • Previous academic records. 
  • Any globally regarded English Proficiency test result document. 
  • Accommodation proof of staying in New Zealand. 
  • Enrolment fee receipt for the academic year. 
  • Medical fitness certificate details.

New Zealand Student Visa Cost & Time:

The cost of a New Zealand visa depends on the type of visa and the course you choose. They vary for each individual, so it would be better to discuss with your visa consultants. However, the average cost for all kinds of New Zealand study visas is NZD 330- NZD 600. 

The visa process takes up to 4–10 weeks. The good news for students opting for New Zealand is that the acceptance rate for Indian applications has increased from 64% to 84% in the last year.

Scholarship to Study in New Zealand for Indian students after 12th:

Adwings Immigration offers an education loan up to 5 crore INR to students who have applied for it in the Adwings finance department. Please note that we offer these loans based on the metrics system and first-come-first-serve method. 

Several New Zealand scholarships are available for bachelors/post graduation in New Zealand for Indian students who are looking for admission into the top colleges there. Please note that you can use both scholarships as the source of your finance. 

Note- All the prices are mentioned in NZD. 

  1. AUT International Scholarship – Southeast Asia: $5,000
  2. Lincoln University International Pathway Merit Scholarship: $2,500
  3. Lincoln University Undergraduate Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship: $5,000
  4. AUT International Scholarship – Faculty of Culture and Society: $7,000
  5. Lincoln University International Undergraduate Scholarship: $3,000
  6. Lincoln University International School Leavers Scholarship: $10,000
  7. University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarship: $10,000
  8. The University of Auckland ELA High Achiever Award: $5000
  9. International Master’s Research Scholarship: $17,172
  10. University of Otago Coursework Master’s Scholarship: $10,000
  11. The University of Auckland ASEAN High Achievers Scholarship: $10,000
  12. Vice Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship: $15,000
  13. Michael Baldwin Memorial Scholarship: $10,000
  14. University of Otago Doctoral Scholarships: $30,696
  15. Vice Chancellor’s International Excellence Scholarship: $10,000
  16. Victoria University of Wellington Study Abroad Scholarship: $1,000
  17. Guardian Trust Masters Scholarship in Commerce: $16,500
  18. Tongarewa Scholarship – for Excellence: $5,000 or $10,000

Cost of Living in New Zealand for Indian Students:


$1,500 – $3,000


$200 – $500


$400 – $800


$150 – $250


$80 – $120

Health Insurance

$50 – $150


$200 – $500

New Zealand Job Opportunities:

  • IT professionals
  • Health care
  • Construction managers. 
  • Renewable Energy
  • Surgeons 
  • Chief Executive Offers
  • Legal professionals
  • Marketing manager
  • Digital marketer 
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Financial Advisor
  • Ophthalmologist

Finding Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand:

International students are allowed to work only for 20 hours/week while they study. However, during the holidays, they can work full-time. Here are a few conditions that you must follow to work in New Zealand.

  1. You must be 18+ years old. 
  2. Permission from parents or legal guardians, or education providers is a must. 
  3. Masters by research and Ph.D. students have no work hour limits. 
  4. Get an IRD number from the New Zealand tax department. 

Do This to Find Part-Time Jobs:  

  • Search for student job search portals. 
  • Connect with student support services
  • Student job search official website 
  • Use job portals websites
  • Start freelancing. 

New Zealand Post-Study Work Permits: 

If you want to start your career in New Zealand only, consider this before the completion of your visa. Based on your educational qualifications, you can work up to 3 years post-study. 

How Does Adwings Immigration Can Help?

Entertain yourself with the A2Z solution of a student visa process to New Zealand. We offer students easy access to getting a Visa for International studies at the best universities in the world. By making the complex visa process easy for them and offering English Proficiency training, financial support and step to step expert guidance empower the dream of flourishing Academics and future-proof careers. 

See the detailed process of getting a visa through Adwings Immigration. 

What We Offer:      

  • Career guidance from experts who sort out the right course and write career according to trend and your preferences. 
  • Special training program for IELTS or equal English proficiency test. 
  • A strong financial support up to INR 5 crore for your study in New Zealand. 
  • Support for legal permissions and arrangement of the documents needed. 

Step-by-step Guide for Student Visa?

  1. Discovery/Counselling Call: Put a query and our discovery team will contact you for some basic details like your academia and personal interests. 
  1. Adwings IELTS:  We offer a strategic English proficiency training program for the IELTS test and other equal examinations to make you eligible for the visa. 
  1. Enrol for Student Visa: Register yourself on the Adwings portal for starting your New Zealand visa process. 
  1. Apply for Scholarships: Get huge financial support from Adwings finance team, up to INR 5 crores, for your studies in New Zealand. 
  1. Get the Letter: Get your letter of admission within 2 to 4 weeks only. Make sure to check whether your letter is conditioned or not. 
  1. Loan Request Process: Put an application in advance for the finance team to sanction your loan amount. Please note that loans up to 50 lakh will be non-collateral and loans from 50 lakh to 1 crore will be collateral. 
  1. Confirmation Letter for Loan: Receive your sanctioned loan and secure your seat at your chosen university. Your next destination is the adventure visa team to ask a query about the process. 
  1. Final Registration for Visa: Make a final crosscheck of the documents you have provided. Enjoy expert help from the portal of Adwings Immigration and must take the accommodation services offered.
  1. Flight Booking:  Next, we will book your flight ticket to New Zealand. If you want, you can do it independently as well. We will then meet in New Zealand. 


Some of the famous cities for students in New Zealand are Hamilton, Palmerston North, Dunedin, Ottawa, and Auckland

Yes, universities allow international students to work 20 hours per week during their semester.  The work limit goes up to 40 hours per week during holidays.

Information technology, architecture, artificial intelligence, cyber security, law, and content creation are some of the best, most demanded employment centric studies in New Zealand.

Yes. All you need to do is get a Pathway Student Visa. It supports three consecutive study programs within a period of 5 years.

You should go for a work visa or skilled visa to get permanent employment in New Zealand.

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